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Hi everyone,

the South Pacific DX Report is now available via HCJB and through RNZI's
web-page as follows below:

HCJB during "DX Partyline" on the 4th weekend of the month, Saturdays: 0710
UTC on 9775, 0910 on 9640 & 21455, 1910 on 15115 & 21455. Sundays: 0110 &
0410 on 9745, 12015 & 21455. 

Radio New Zealand International during "Mailbox", fortnightly broadcasts,
Mondays 2135 UTC on 17675kHz, Wednesdays 1735 UTC on 11675kHz and Fridays
1930 UTC on 11675kHz.  Also available as a Real Audio file at
http://www.audionet.co.nz/ranz.html Next Broadcasts commence Mondays,
December 21st and January 4th, repeated on following days as above.

AWR's "Wavescan" commencing the third Sunday of the month (see
http://www.awr.org for frequency schedule), repeated at 0700z and 1900z on
ZLXA, New Zealand's Radio Reading Service, Levin, the third Monday of the
month, on 1602kHz, 3935kHz and 7290kHz.

73s and Merry Christmas all,

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