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RE: [HCDX]: NRD-545

At the risk of upsetting Jerry Monroe and others, the added benefit of
computer control far outweighs whatever noise creeps in. Like you I am
in a low-noise environment on the fringe of the Pine Barrens with all
utilities underground. I wrote and sold receiver control programs going
back to 1986, and having an attached database, the abiltiy to scan, tune
a receiver quickly were all things I (and my customers) liked. I've had
no-name clones, built by local stores, since 1991. The secret for me, I
think, is (1) coaxial feedlines connect to antennas about 40 feet away
from the house and (2) the computer/monitor is about 4-5 feet away from
the receivers. And I use APC UPSs to feed the computer stuff.

Further, when I had the house built I had PVC pipe run underground to
the outside for antenna feedlines, and two 8-ft 3/4-in copper ground
rods embedded in the slab (high water table) under the
operating/receiver desk when I had the house built in 1979. Ground
connections to the receivers et al are at most three feet. See my
article "Shack from Scratch" in December 1982 73 Magazine, if you have
access to back issues.

Seasons greetings.

Tom Sundstrom, W2XQ

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A Side Note To Computer Aided DXing:

I'm surprised to find so many DXer's interested in using their PC's to
control their SW rigs. I find that operation of my PC, even without any
connection to my 535D, creates so much RF noise that it makes DXing
impossible. While it is true that the PC is plugged into a 2-wire
I guess my questions are: Do most of you have the increase in PC
generated noise and live with it because the advantages of the PC
outweigh the increased noise? Is the increased noise not noticeable at
your QTH because you are already in a noisy DXing environment? Have you
engineered your ground system so that the PC truly does not present a
noise problem at all?

Mark Mohrmann
Coventry, Vt. USA
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