Re: [HCDX]: NRD-545
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Re: [HCDX]: NRD-545

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 I use the Smart R8 program ( and find that a lap
 top does not get into the radio and the antenna is far enough away from the
 radio to keep it quite.  Granted I live in an urban area where there is
 always some minor noise to over come at one time or another.  Conclusion..
 Laptops are quiter generally speaking than desk tops.
 Ulis >>
I can second Ulis's comment. I used to have a laptop from work that I used
with my Drake R8 and it was less noisy than my new Compaq Presario 5170 350
MhzPentium II.
I also find printers to be a problem. Shut your printer off while listening to
your radio.
But like Tom I would not trade the ability to use my computer to control my
radio for anything. I may never use my SONY 2010 in the house again.

73s David Snyder
Drake R8 Staten Island New York
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