[HCDX]: Smokey's seasons greetings
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[HCDX]: Smokey's seasons greetings

Hi Karel:

Here's a response to your recent question about US stations above 30  

Many of them are still licensed, observation will reveal if they use  
their license

Several fire/emergency dispatch stations and fire brigades seem to be  
on 33 megs still, I found many of those I have heard in the early  
90'ies. Police stations seem to use trunked systems on 800 megs to a  
greater extent - I never heard these because they are on 39 megs.  
Another range for fire stations is 46 megs - I did not check this.

Stations on 31 megs already made it into Western Europe. Best QRGs are  
31.22 for KII822, 31.38 for KNER738 and 30.86 for KNAQ876 or KNEH591.  
Also 31.46 which has been actually monitored in Holland. This might  
have been NC Forestry but no WGN209 nor anything near to it matches.

Very active fire frequencies were 33.70, 33.90 and 33.98.

By the way, the antenna you use for this kind of reception is not bad  
at all. A good choice would be an old TV antenna for channel R1, here  
in Western Europe channel E2-E4.

Happy New Year to you and 73's de JOACHIM
Joachim Stiller in Central Germany
editor of DSWCI's ute-shack
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