[HCDX]: Radio Blandengue Info
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[HCDX]: Radio Blandengue Info

Dear Friends: 

Greetings from some place of  South America, it has lapsed more than one year since it has begun it is necessary to operate our radio station, we are about to conclude 1998, along this year we have received a lot of correspondence of different countries of the world, the same one has stimulated us and them forces us to overcome us in this year that this about to begin, to all those that have written us thank you their comments, opinions and suggestions which are very appreciated. 

Radio Blandengue has answered all the correspondence received through our correspondents, if some listener doesn't receive answer in the course of next weeks, we regret to inform him that your letter never arrived to our hands. Along this year we have had the experience that many of the letters sent to the maildrop of Argentina were never given and therefore it didn't arrive at our offices, according to the information given by our correspondent the same one it has been stolen, therefore this address will be eliminated definitively, for this means we will be informing which will be our new address apart from the existent one in Canada the one that usually works and without any inconvenience. 

There are some programs taken place previously at the moment that they are emitting in Europe or that they will be re-transmitted for our relays in some of those which the address of the maildrop service of Argentina is announced, we will thank them not to send any correspondence there since the most probable thing is that it never arrives at our offices, ALL DIRECTED CORRESPONDENCE TO RADIO BLANDENGUE will be sent to the following postal address: 

BOX 293 
Merlon, Ontario N0P 1W0 

We take advantage to inform that only 3 reports have not been verified to consider the same ones as not authentic, erroneous or sent us outside of time the same ones are the following ones: 

Giovanni Bellabarba, Genova, Italy (False Report) 
Scott McArdle, USA (Erroneous) 
Engineer Santiago San Gil, Barinas, Venezuela (Correspondence sent after 5 months and of oneself town where we had already received only two reports being valid the first one) 

The rest of the correspondence was answered totally and those reports with few data or it lacks of them, they were responded observing or informing him that the same ones were not completely correct. 


73's & FFFR !!!

Raul Gonzalez
DJ Radio Blandengue

Happy New Year 1999


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