[HCDX]: Dutch language DX mailing list
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[HCDX]: Dutch language DX mailing list

Do you want to be informed fast, free-of-charge and up-to-date about all
aspects of long distance radio and TV-reception in the DUTCH language? Of
course ! Then you are welcome to join the DXA mailing list, a new service
from DX-Antwerp, the only Belgian DX-club that covers all elements of
long-distance radio, or "DX-ing". This list is intended for DUTCH language

The following subjects can be discussed.

-Receiving tips about broadcasting stations as well as on long wave, medium
wave, shortwave or on the VHF/FM-band, utility stations, and TV-stations
that can be reproduced in Western Europe.
-New frequencies, broadcasting schedules and changed schedules.
-Station addresses, hints and tips concerning QSL's
-Technical questions and tips
-Small ads concerning legal gear, accessories, books etc.
-If you want to post tips about utility-stations mentioning information
the content of those transmissions will not be allowed.
-Mails with attachments must be avoided.

There is no obligation to be a member of DX-Antwerp or any other DX-Club to
take part in this mailing list. Every Dutch language hobbyist can take part
as long as he wishes with due observance of the above rules.

We are however glad to see if you will become a member of our society
DX-Antwerp. Only together we can achieve more.

How to join the DXA mailing list ?
Just sent an e-mail to mailinglist-subscribe@xxxxxx
Afterwards you will get a message including the necessary instructions
That's all ! Simple, isn't it ? Further information about how to send mails
to the list etc. will be received afterwards by e-mail. This mailing list is
of course kept alive by your contributions and those from the other
participants in the list.

See you soon on the first Dutch language DX mailing list !

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Guido Schotmans - Editor-in-Chief
DX-Antwerp, P.O.Box 16, B-2660 Hoboken, BELGIUM
e-mail : gs@xxxxxx
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