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Forst some more greetings for the new Year. 
The previous days I was outside my QTH  in Litohoron without  my rig  so that  I did not 
make any logs. Only for yesterday  after returning back 

Here are some logs  made: 

6920 unIDed 1858-1902 , song ?unbreak my heart? clock the Chinese way (3 tones and one 
high pitch ) , YL heard in unknown lang due to  very low  signal possibly Mongolian. 
Signal was 13131. tune in on 1937 with just a very low trace of signal  on SSB mode 
Liangas Dec 27 Greece 
Opinions? CRI as per WRTH ? 

CHINA 7540  NF  CNR 1  2027 parallel  to 7935 with chinese music 2030 ID ?Zhongyang 
renmin guangbodiantai?  Signal overloaded . 44434 Liangas Dec27 Greece 

S AFRICA 3320 R Sonder Grenze1920 & 1957  men with continuous talks in Afrikaans  refs to 
communism (1920) on ca. 2000 starting with classical music then  talks continue Signal 
22232 Liangas Dec 27 Greece 

EIRE (pirate) 6295 Reflexions Europe 2013 with Christmas songs. ID  as ?radio ??   and 
POB also  but strong surface electical noise did not allow me to listen  to full name. 
Signal 22122 Liangas Dec 27 Greece

   6890  spy : 3+2 FGS 2017 
   Mali 4835  QRYd  to 4833 with their low powered  transmitter 

Zacharias Liangas		pen-DX sejak 72
anggota World-DX-Club 2104,Play DX, DSWCI #3507(temporarily out) 
pesawat penerima : Lowe HF 150 , SONY IFC 7600 D ,Yupiteru MVT7100scanner(NEW),  Philips 2935 antena 6 m & 11 m 
accesories: handmade ATU,MFJ 1040 preselector,MFJ1025 noise canceller , MFJ 752c filter audio ,  MFJ16010 ATU 
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