[HCDX]: re: unid 1330 kHz
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[HCDX]: re: unid 1330 kHz


I want to to thank all who responded to my question (Jean, Piet, Jorma,
Gert, Aart, Karel and Joachim).

Most of you suggested WRCA, but CKLD and WDLW were mentioned as well.

Unfortunately, I coud not listen during both christmas days.
I traced a weak signal last night (28dec) at 0230 with some music, and male
talks, which believed was Spanish. But the qsb came at the wrong moment :(

However, I did hear Harbour light at 1400 with rlg talks and WKKB at 1520,
both pres. because 1330 had my primary attention.

Later that night at 04z, I checked again, but still didn't get an ID or any

Geoclk says the sun sets at around 2119 at the Boston area. Maybe the
twilight zone can lift the signal strenght.

I keep on listen for this one. 
WRCA would be a nice start since I'm rather new in MW-dx...

73 + gd DX!
Robert Joosten.
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