[HCDX]: G Hauser's SW/DX 98-55
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[HCDX]: G Hauser's SW/DX 98-55

        GLENN HAUSER'S SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 98-55, Dec 29, 1998

{items from this and all our other reports may be reproduced and
re-reproduced only provided full credit be maintained at all

see http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/Worx27.html

NEW YEAR'S EVE. A leap second will be inserted at 2359:59 UT Dec 
31 on CHU and WWV, since the earth is slowing down (Sheldon Harvey, 
RCI Maple Leaf Mailbag Dec 27) BBC will air the usual full strike 
of Big Ben at 0000 Jan 1 (gh) It is believed that a gigaperson 
worldwide listens to this official start of the new year, via BBC 
or relays from BBC (Sheldon Harvey, RCI Maple Leaf Mailbag Dec 27)

CUBA [?]. Regarding the noise pulses peaking around 9615 around
1230: VOA Greenville (not Delano) checked their 9690 transmitter
and found it did need some tuning up, but by then we had heard
the noise before 9690 carrier came on at 1145, so that is ruled
out. BTW, I made very sure the noise was not coming from inside
my house by a DX-pedition a few blocks away into the frigid pre-
dawn darkness; however, I'm surprised that no one else seems to
be reporting it. Still there as of 1248 check Dec 28, and now I'm
suspicious that the offending transmitter is the Cuban bubble
jammer on 9565, because its pulse rate seems to match that of the
noise--sample heard on WOR 970--which however has none of the 
"bubble" sound (Glenn Hauser, OK)

CZECH REPUBLIC [non]. R. Prague must be so pleased with being
jammed into oblivion during English relay via WRMI 9955 nightly
at 0400, that the new WRMI sked shows they have added Czech at
1400-1430 M-F, and Spanish at 2230-2300 M-F. Actually, at 1425 
czech Dec 29, jamming was lite (Glenn Hauser, REVIEW OF 

IRAQ. Iraqi Radio - latest frequency observations -
As of 22nd December, Republic of Iraq Radio - Iraqi Radio's 
main domestic service from Baghdad, which is on the air from 
0255-0015 gmt daily, was being heard on shortwave 3900, 5935 and 
9715 at various times of the day. (BBC Monitoring condensed
by Glenn Hauser)

KOREA SOUTH. The website I copied for RKI doesn't work, as you
may have found out too. Rechecked via http://www.trsc.com (which
has been redesigned so now you have more steps to get to the
links, no improvement), and this is it:

http://rki.kbs.co.kr/rki (Glenn Hauser)

NICARAGUA. I just received a verie letter from Radio Miskut-5770, 
in which station director Evaristo Marcado Perez says that 
sometime after the first of the year they'll be getting their new 
Henry 3 kW transmitter on the air on this frequency, with (he hopes) 
better reception as the result. (No specific on air date, but he 
hopes sometime in January) He also says the new SW transmitter, as 
well as the station's FM equipment, were donated by Mr. John 
Freeman of the USA. This reply took 7 sesquimonths WITHOUT a 
follow-up (Randy Stewart, Springfield MO, REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL 

NIGERIA [non]. R. Kudirat Nigeria was still there Sun Dec 27 on 
11540 [South Africa] at 1900 check, marginally readable at times 
in English. Around 1925 ID with both frequencies, again after non-
English segment, at 1935 "soon undertaking temporary mandatory  
maintenance of its equipment starting Friday 1 January" 
apologizing in advance for inconvenience, and to return with 
"renewed vigour" at no specified date heard. Fair by closing 
before 2000. Fluttery on Dec 28, still talking at 2000:00 
sharp when WRN feed cut off for a minute of triple-tones, 2001* 
Tnx to Hans Johnson tip, who thinks the station is really 
being closed permanently as no longer necessary (Glenn Hauser,

U S A. VOA Communications World is now also on WBCQ, 7415, Sun
at 2100, confirmed Dec 27. WWCR has changed Sat 1245 to Tue
1400 on 15685, following World of Radio, but on Dec 26-29 
broadcast three different shows: Sat Dec 26 2300 the Dec 26
edition; Mon Dec 27 0630 the Dec 12 edition; Tue Dec 29 1400
the Dec 19 edition! Kim needs to give us the original airdate
at the start of each half-hour CW (Glenn Hauser, OK)      ###

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