[HCDX]: Oops, now the loggings.
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[HCDX]: Oops, now the loggings.

Think I might have forgotten to add the loggings, so in case I hadn't, here
they are:

ARGENTINA  11709.95  RAE in Portuguese with music program after the news at
0108, with armchair copy.  Quite the night!  (Salmaniw, 29Dec)

UZBEKISTAN  5955  0120  Initially an unid.  An exceptionally difficult
channel in this part of North America, with terrible adjacent splatter,
especially from 5950.  Pulled out the big guns for this one...Collins R390A
and Collins HF-2050.  By tuning upto 5956.8 and using the 2 khz filter of
the 390A, I could get useable audio, better than the solid state 2050 :(.
Signal improved after going into listed Dari at 0130, and peaked about
0140, with parallel of 7285 being weaker.  Good luck with this one, I sure
needed it!
                                         (Salmaniw, 29 Dec)

UKRAINE (not)  A superb European opening tonight, but not a trace of Radio
Ukraine International on any of their North American or European listed
frequencies.  Must be several weeks since I've heard them.  Not paying
their power bills again?  Perhaps to reduce energy consumption, the
transmitters were turned off?  Regular blackouts were the norm when I
travelled there in October, 1997.      (Salmaniw, 29Dec)

AFGHANISTAN  (tentative)  7083.11  Voice of Sharia at 0223, with stronger
signal than last night.  Mostly talk, but a real battle with LSB QRM from
hams, and RTTY on USB.  Again my 390A beat out my Collins HF-2050.
                                (Salmaniw, 29Dec)

COLUMBIA  4955.0  Radio Nacional heard with the rarely reported English
program hosted by male announcer ending at 0227, into regular Spanish
programming.  Good reception on this North South path.  Wow, what a night!
Believe I've read that this program airs 0200 to 0300.   (Salmaniw, 29Dec)

RUSSIA  5930  Murmansk Radio.  Another horrendous frequency.  You need all
your DX ability to weed this one out.  Heard at 0316, with a Russian
exercise program...just like the old days of the Soviet Union!  Fair
                 (Salmaniw, 29Dec)

PHILLIPINES  Radio Phillipines heard  at 0331 with English/Tagalog program,
mostly modern pop music during this evening of exceptional propagation.
15330 good, 17730 good, 13770 very poor.  ID, and National Anthem at
sign-off just before 0400.                         (Salmaniw, 29Dec)

BELARUS  11670  Belarussian external service heard here with very good
reception in Belarussian, with very Soviet sounding program extoling the
virtues of Russian/Belarussian unity,  until sign-off at 0358.  Open
carrier, then Interval signal at 0400, then "Gavorit Minsk, stolitsa
respublika Belarus", time check for 0600, national anthem, then,"Respublika
Belarus, Radyo Odin, persha prohrama".  The only way to hear this one is to
use LSB, as Kuwait was exceptionally strong on 11675.  Gradually declined
in strength over next hour.                          (Salmaniw, Dec29)

UNIDENTIFIED  I'm confused.  Perhaps an Arabic speaker can be of help.
9670 heard with Arabic music, cochannel with Russian speaker at 0429, fair
reception.  Russian speaker signed-off.  Arabic talk from 0430:30, parallel
to 7115 (very poor).  No other parallels.  Is this the anti-Arafat, Voice
of Palestine, Voice of Palestinian Islamic Revolution, as I saw somewhere?
Not parallel to 9610, another, though stronger Arabic speaker.  I've also
seen this one, or was it 9670, listed as an anti-Hussein Voice of Islamic
Revolution in Iraq.  Help!         (Salmaniw, Dec 29).

LEBANON  11530.00 Voice of Hope with a fair to good signal, in Arabic at
0455, but with English ID at 0459:30, then back into Arabic.  Thanks to the
high Solar Flux tonight!  Remember this one years ago, and to think it's
still December.  An impressive MUF tonight!!!  (Salmaniw, Dec29)

VATICAN CITY  5883  Heard in Polish at 0504, not as listed in my resources
as 5880 with usual religious program.  Fair.    (Salmaniw, Dec29)

ANGOLA  11954.75  Radio Nacional heard for several hours with enjoyable
local programming in Portuguese, very professional.  4 time pips just
before 2100, short fanfare, no obvious ID, until 2103, with time check, and
2 Radio Nacional Angola IDs.  Very good!  A difficult catch from this side
of the world.
             (Salmaniw, Dec27)

INDIA  11620  All India Radio at armchair copy at 2148 with movie review in
English.  Parallels 9950 very poor, 7410 very good, and 9910 very poor.  
         (Salmaniw, Dec 27)

CANADA  9625  CBC North Quebec Service.  I recall Glen Hauser lamenting
that it is next to impossible to hear this service clearly.  Heard on the
west coast at 2204 with an excellent signal, into English, with ID, and
Montreal address, then into a music program.  Might be a good time to log
this one.  (Salmaniw, Dec 27).

SRI LANKA  15425.0  Tone at 0024, barely audible ?drums at 0027, then south
Asian music, time pips at 0030 by woman in English.  Very weak, but 9730 is
a much stronger parallel, heard at 0045, cochannel with a German speaker,
otherwise a good signal.   (Salmaniw, Dec 28)

AZERBAIJAN  9165.06  Open carrier at 0311.  Interval signal three times at
0315. ID by male, then presumed national anthem.  Radio Dada Gorgud lists
Azerbaijani at this time according to WRTH. poor to fair.  (Salmaniw, Dec28)

LIBYA  15435  Good reception, into English at 1733 for several minutes,
ending this segment with, "Ladies and gentlemen, that was the news from the
Voice of Africa.  Thank you for listening.  Goodbye".  Music, then into
French.  Parallel only on 15414.95.  Somewhat overmodulated, but much less
distorted than yesterday.  (Salmaniw, Dec 27)

ITALY  11715  Watch out for RAI, Italy here in English at 2025, to Middle
East.  News in English, with audible het.  On other days, was able to make
out Arabic music, with a very intermittent transmitter, presumably Radio
Algiers International.  (Salmaniw, Dec 25)

A great week, all in all!

                 Walter Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada.
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