Re: [HCDX]: Returning QSL's to stations
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Re: [HCDX]: Returning QSL's to stations

>Most Scandinavian DX-clubs consider returning QSL's to radio stations as a

>questionable or even harmful habit.
>DX'ers should understand that sending QSL's is not compulsory to radio
>stations.  It is an expression of friendliness.  We should thank all
>radio stations of sending QSL's, not hurt them.
>If you return QSL's, it is possible that radio stations think that 
>DX'ers are selfish and demanding fanatics.  Thus it is useless to answer
>to their reports.

I agree strongly with these comments. Some DXers hunt down QSLs as if are they
lost treasure. It worries me when I see people hounding stations over periods
of several months or even years for verification of a report which might be
quite old. Certainly, if your first attempt doesn't work, try again, but with
a fresh report - not by demanding a verification for a report that is months/years
old and may never have been received in the first place. Not all broadcasters
understand the motivation behind QSLs and when they do reply it is a gesture
of goodwill more than anything else, particularly in the case of small domestic
broadcasters to whom listeners overseas don't really matter a great deal. Some
broadcasters in the poorer countries face a daily struggle just to stay on air.
The last thing they need are demands from DXers in rich countries that their
reception reports be answered for the sake of their hobby interest. 
For me, part of the enjoyment and challenge of this hobby is the making of contact
with the broadcaster. If I get a verification back, it not only means that I've
'heard' the station but have managed to communicate with them in such a way
that they felt it worthwhile responding to me. On some occasions when small
domestic broadcasters have responded to a reception report, I've followed up
with a short letter or postcard thanking them for their reply. It's a small
gesture but one which has sometimes produced nice results - such as a Christmas
card from the manager of an Indonesian station even though my original correspondence
was some eight or nine months previous.
It would be nice to see DX clubs do more to stamp out the 'give me a QSL' mentality.
It's in the longer term interests of the hobby (remember, hobby) that people
act in a way which is to the benefit of all, not just their own self interest.

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