[HCDX]: Wanted information about UK RSL-stations and oid arab station on 1620 kHz.
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[HCDX]: Wanted information about UK RSL-stations and oid arab station on 1620 kHz.

Dear Friends,
	After some nice listening this morning some RSL stations were picked
up here in Uppsala, Sweden.
If anybody have information like addresses to the following stations, this
would be highly appreciated.
1.	1575 kHz	Radio Tyneside (?)
2.	1575 kHz	Stoke Mandesville Hospital Radio
3.	1503 kHz	Radio Atlantics (or is it called Caroline ?).'

Also noted an arab station on 1620 kHz but my somewhat limited knowledge in
Arabic made it impossible to make sure the name/QTH for the station. Anybody
with a guess what this might be ?
The MW-band offered arab stations on several other frequencies, too.
As the band above 1620 kHz not is used for broadcasting in neither Europe or
Middle East and I suppose very few "normal" radios are able to tune in
frequncies like this, I wonder what audience the station expect.

Generally, the conditions was very good towards UK this morning but the
night/morning was also unfortunately completely free from USA/Canada medium
wave stations. I guess the activity on the sun arrived to earth somewhat
earler then I had expected and scared off the transatlantic signals. Have to
try the ex-band stations next year !

Greetings and wishing all of you a happy new year !
Magnus Nilsson, min@xxxxxxxxxx
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