[HCDX]: Frome somewhere in South America
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[HCDX]: Frome somewhere in South America


-Times UTC 

*RADIO COCHIGUAZ will be active again with its pirate activity and
own programmes welcoming to the new year 1999!
On this opportunity, not will be our usual programme of andean folk
music, will be a special LAm pop music programme.

-Frequency: 6949.5 LSB (Nominal 6950L khz)
Sat 2  Jan  2300-2350
Sun 3 Jan  0000-0050, 0100-0150, 0200-0250 & 0300-0350

*We take advantage of inform to all our listeners, that from the
first days of January 1999, we have a NEW MAILDROP here in South
America for to receive all your reception reports & letters.

Radio Cochiguaz
Casilla 159
Santiago 14

(*Only snail mail reports will be confirmed, please include 2 IRC to
cover the postal fees, and according to our QSL policy, all correct
reports will be confirmed 100% with our QSL card).

We moved our maildrop because the constant stealing of the letters
and correspondence inside of the same central post office there in
Argentina according to evidencing lacks noted by our correspondent 
living there. Maybe a 'control' to our activities there??, but they not will have success, we are a true pirate radio located in somewhere of South America, hi !

Please, note, publish, inform and distribute to all interested this
new change, and we request please to all free stations that are
relaying currently our programmes, AMEND or include inside these
programmes our NEW MAILDROP for to avoid more loss of letters sent
to the box 2571, where are received only 'registered' letters.

We profit this opportunity to wish to our friends, a Happy New Year
1999 with more free radio activities.

F.F.F.R !

Cachito Mamani
Radio Cochiguaz op.

E-Mail: radio.cochiguaz@xxxxxxx & rc@xxxxxxxxx 


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