Fw: [HCDX]: Wanted information about UK RSL-stations
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Fw: [HCDX]: Wanted information about UK RSL-stations

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Van: Alan Gale <alan.gale@xxxxxxxxx>
Aan: PPijpers <Piet.Pypers@xxxxxxxxxx>
Datum: donderdag 31 december 1998 21:29
Onderwerp: Re: Fw: [HCDX]: Wanted information about UK RSL-stations

>At 17:31 31/12/98 +0100, you wrote:
>>The list is functioning splendidly!
>>Could you help Magnus Nillson  with the addresses of 1 & 2?
>>I'm not too organised here, should have it on the computer.
>>An OK 1999 with 2000 looming.....
>Hi Piet,
> The addresses I have are:
> Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio,
> Stoke Mandeville Hospital,
> Aylesbury,
> HP21 1AL,
> England.
> Radio Tyneside,
> The General Hospital,
> Westgate Road,
> Newcastle Upon Tyne,
> NE4 6BE.
> I just heard from the Manager of Radio Latics/Cavell/Voice of Oldham
>that the Radio Authority will be sending out the licence applications to
>the Hospital and Student groups who want to apply for long term licences on
>Medium Wave on January 11th. Look out for lots more of these appearing by
>end of next year. I recently had a play with the new automated studio
>at VOO, this has a 20 gb hard drive to store all the music and is the same
>the one in use at Stoke Mandeville. if Radio Cavell are granted a licence
>should be able to go on air very quickly due already having a TX and
>Guess that means I'll be getting another load of reception reports to
>answer! :-)
> 73 for now, and hope you have a nice 1999.
> Alan.
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