[HCDX]: Re: WRTH Mistakes and questions for Aussie MW stations
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[HCDX]: Re: WRTH Mistakes and questions for Aussie MW stations

>I haven't even bought the 99 WRTH and after reading all the Australian
>mistakes, I can imagine what the other countries are like. Is there 

I glanced through it a couple of weeks ago, but didn't buy it.  Instead
the other day I purchased "Passport".  I noticed quite a few "New for
listings in the Blue Pages, and was even able to log a couple of them. 
radio reviews seem identical to last year's, but if the radios are the
the reviews will naturally remain the same.  The articles in the front,
as on ELWA, are quite interesting and entertaining.

I guess you can look at it as you would your local telephone directory. 
It comes out once a year, and it's a continuous process of updating it. 
By the time it is issued, a certain percentage of the people in your area
will have moved, changed their number, gotten married, and so on.  It's
not 100% accurate, but it's pretty close.  You can call the operator or
directory assistance if you need help.

For Passport or the WRTVH, I would like to see the information in a
database or spreadsheet.  That way I can organize it and sort it to my
needs. For a while, I tried typing in the information in "Monitoring
Times" into a spreadsheet.  The authors and publishers might be afraid
people will put it out as their own information, though.  I would like to
have it so I can quickly and easily pull up frequency information, such
as Glenn Hauser does.

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