RE: [HCDX]: Returning QSL's to stations
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RE: [HCDX]: Returning QSL's to stations

> Thanks to Guido for interesting info about WLW.
> However, there is one question I'd like to talk about: is it acceptable
> or useful to return QSL's to radio stations?

Maybe, my introduction to the info I wanted to spread was to short (didn't
take the time because of other things to do).  First I want to point out
that I didn't _demand_ a new QSL, but I asked it _kindly_ as stated in my
previous message.  Of course, I didn't sent the original QSL back but a
photocopy, This was only done to inform the station's engineer about what I
am speaking in my letter.  I know that several DX'ers don't write RR's the
proper way (sometimes sending only a table in the Radio-amateur way) , but
I'm quite sure I might say I am not one of them.  I write quite long RR's
giving a lot of details about the reception, reception gear, myself and my
family and my surrounding. Most of the time, a small tourist info folder
about Antwerp is going out together with my report. If you remember my
R.Tanzania Zanzibar action, you'll know that I'm not the kind of guy that
press out QSL's from stations.

Anyway, thanks for your comments.  Some readers might get wrong ideas about
how to QSL and that is something that real HCDXers don't want !


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