Re: [HCDX]: Returning QSL's to stations
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Re: [HCDX]: Returning QSL's to stations

>take the time because of other things to do).  First I want to point 
>out that I didn't _demand_ a new QSL, but I asked it _kindly_ as stated
>my previous message.  Of course, I didn't sent the original QSL back but

>a photocopy, This was only done to inform the station's engineer about 

I had a very nice conversation with one of the engineers at KCMO 710 in
Kansas City the other day.  Many evenings starting about 1900 or 2000
local time, they will be interefered with, getting a very loud heterodyne
that rises very slowly in strength and pitch up to about 2 kHz.  Earlier
this week it went up to about 3.5 kHz.  

In talking to the engineer, he suggested that there were strong stations
such as WOR in New York and the two Chicago stations on 720 and 670.  As
the conversation progressed, he realized that I was a DXer, and said that
he was as well.  It turns out that several stations in the Kansas City
area are having trouble with antennas, ground systems and the like.  KCMO
used to be on 810, but switched with WHB over a year ago.  Since then,
WHB has had a lot of trouble with spurs, and I hear their 2x image on
1620.  One afternoon while on a mini-DXpedition about 6 miles east of
town, I heard them mixing on 1650 with an unidentified station.  After
about 45 minutes, I determined that unidentified station was 660 out of
Omaha, Nebraska, a couple of hundred miles away!  

The newest station in the area, 1250 kHz, is working on their ground
system at a new (?) site northeast of town in Claycomo, Missouri. 
Claycomo stands for CLAY COunty, MissOuri.  From what I gather, they're
also owned by the same folks who own KGGN 890 -- a station that *also*
causes spurs and nasty things to occur along the band.  Let me not also
forget KDIA (?)
on 1510, which couples into all the power lines within 5 miles of their
transmitter and blanks out everything.

Finally, the whole AM band between about 690 and 930 kHz is blanked out
or severely suppressed until about 0000 local time.  All of the
above-mentioned stations could be at fault *except* for KCMO.  They're
all on the air and are either new or in fairly new or poorly-maintained
I will eventually get enough receivers running simultaneously to
determine who is causing the problem.

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