Re: [HCDX]: Re: WRTH Mistakes
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Re: [HCDX]: Re: WRTH Mistakes

At 14.19 31.12.1998 +0100, you wrote:
>WRTH 99 is far from being perfect (but was it ever in the past?).
>Old mistakes from previous editions, old foreign schedules (sometimes even
>from 1997!), notes like "...starts in early 1998", foreign schedules in both
>sections (domestic and international - see China, Taiwan, Korea), but
>different versions - which one is more fresh?; not corresponding sections -
>and so on, and so on ...

I was dissappointed with it, too. I have decided to buy the 2000 year
edition and see, how it will be. If the most obvious mistakes are not
corrected even then, it will be the last one for me. The editor should
concentrate on the facts instead of a fancier outlook of the book.

73, Mauno
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