RE: [HCDX]: Re: WRTH Mistakes
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RE: [HCDX]: Re: WRTH Mistakes

> I was disappointed with it, too. I have decided to buy the 2000 year
> edition and see, how it will be. If the most obvious mistakes are not
> corrected even then, it will be the last one for me. The editor should
> concentrate on the facts instead of a fancier outlook of the book.

The big problem is, that there is no good alternative.  There is no book
that lists SW as well as LW, MW and FM-transmitters.  And when concentrating
only to SW the choice is difficult :

-PWBR has excellent blue pages and excellent QSL address info, but the have
only listings of English programmes and 'Voices from home'.  When you are
looking for a German broadcast from say VoIndonesia, you have to look
through the whole list of blue pages.

-Sender und Frequenzen from Siebel Verlag in Germany is interesting with
excellent tuning tips but doesn't list seldom heard stations, and that's in
fact the kind of stations that are interesting for HCDXers.

-Klingenfuss Shortwave Guide looks very up-to-date this year (the BC-list.
Don't know for the Ute-list) but no addresses can be found in the book.
There are also no transmissionpowers listed which is the most imported
drawback for this book.  It gives most of the time an idea what you can
expect from reception quality.  And I always get annoyed by his style of
listing countries (communist undemocratic...) and ITU codes.  Of course
there are stupid ITU codes like CLN for Sri Lanka, but Klingenfuss changes
DDR (under former radiocoutries) into CUG (Communist undemocratic Germany)
is much more stupid.  And is South Korea that kind of model of democracy
that it can be called "Korea (Democratic Republic of)" or another example:
"Taiwan (Democratic republic of China) as Klingenfuss lists them...

-Maybe the ILG-software fits also in this list but since we can't trust Mr.
Friedewald since decennia, we ignore that product.

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