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[HCDX]: tfw 77 1/3

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright  - Part 1
Year   4  Number  77  - Rome, January    1999  
XXVIII century E.R. (Roman Era) ( year 2752)
FAX: +39 06 5126262
E-MAIL: g.serra@xxxxxx
The Four Winds on Line  - Copyright  - DX newsletter edited by
Giovanni Serra, Rome - Italy.
                             TFW on Line Policy
1) TFW on Line covers only the SW Broadcasting  Specrum.
2) Subscription rate:  as a non  commercial newsletter,
    there is no fee to subscribe TFW on Line.
3) TFW on Line is distributed to Individuals, DX Editors,
    Clubs and Organizations, asking for the reciprocal exchange of 
    DX Bulletins and / or contributions.
4) Excerpts may be reprinted,translated, e-mailed and / or
    transmitted with appropriate credit as well TFW as the last source,
    unless Copyright indicated.
5) Not to be redistributed or reposted without permission.
6) Suggestions and ideas are welcome.
7) If you no longer wish to receive TFW on Line  please,
    drop me a line.  
loggings in order of  time;  frequencies in kHz;  times UTC; 
ham codes as usual;  Reporting  signal quality: Loc  = local
signal; E = excellent; G = good;  F = fair; P = poor;
VP = very poor;  A = avoid.  (also in SINPO or SIO code)

HAPPY NEW YEAR  1999 !!!
FROM THE EDITOR - Hip, Hip Hurray !!!  ....Please, do not tell me how, because I do not know (hi !)...but it seems I was lucky to solve some problems with WORD 97 !!!  (i.e.: ordering tips by Time, Frequency or Country, to justify columns etc.etc...), also thanks to Bob Hill and Paul Ormandy....and my cousin Claudio. I have a lot of things to learn about WORD 97.Really,  It was very hard for compiling this issue of TFW. Gianni
WINTER MONGES- Dear Sirs: I invite to visit my web site dedicated to help dxers to obtain YV-QSL that have been trying to get for  many years without success.  <http://members.tripod.com/~wintermonges/index.html> e-mail: <venezuelanqslhelp@xxxxxxxxx> Postal Address: Winter Monges P.O.Box. 1.116 Barquisimeto 3001-A  Lara Venezuela
RAUL GONZALEZ-  Dear Giovanni: Greetings from some place of South America, it has lapsed more than one  year since it has begun it is necessary to operate our radio station, we are about to conclude 1998, along this  year we have received a lot of correspondence of different countries of the world, the same one has stimulated  us and them forces us to overcome us in this year that this about to begin, to all those that have written us  thank you their comments, opinions and suggestions which are very appreciated. Radio Blandengue has  answered all the correspondence received through our correspondents, if some listener doesn't receive answer in the course of next weeks, we regret to inform him that your letter never arrived to our hands. Along this  year we have had the experience that many of the letters sent to the maildrop of Argentina were never given  and therefore it didn't arrive at our offices, according to the information given by our correspondent the same  one it has been stolen, therefore this address will be eliminated definitively, for this means we will be  informing which will be our new address apart from the existent one in Canada the one that usually works and  without any inconvenience. There are some programs taken place previously at the moment that they are emitting in Europe or that they will be re transmitted for our relays in some of those which the address of the maildrop service of Argentina is announced, we will thank them not to send any correspondence there since  the most probable thing is that it never arrives at our offices, ALL DIRECTED CORRESPONDENCE TO RADIO BLANDENGUE will be sent to the following postal address:  R.B. BOX 293 Merlon, Ontario N0P  1W0  CANADA. We take advantage to inform that only 3 reports have not been verified to consider the same ones as not authentic, erroneous or sent us outside of time the same ones are the following ones: Giovanni  Bellabarba, Genova, Italy (False Report) Scott McArdle, USA (Erroneous) Engineer Santiago San Gil,  Barinas, Venezuela (Correspondence sent after 5 months and of oneself town where we had already received  only two reports being valid the first one)  The rest of the correspondence was answered totally and those   reports with few data or it lacks of them, they were responded observing or informing him that the same ones were not completely correct. We will THANK to DISCLOSE THIS INFORMATION. 73's & FFFR!!!Raul Gonzalez DJ Radio Blandengue.Happy New Year 1999 <http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Shadowlands/4401/blandengue.html> --- Through this 'official' note, we inform to all our friends around the World, about our NEW MAILDROP in South America, for to receive letters & reports addressed to our station: RADIO COCHIGUAZ, Casilla 159, Santiago 14, CHILE. Cachito Mamani, Radio Cochiguaz op.
Thank you  for all our Contributors !
(Any change of Equipment, Web Pages ??
Please, drop me a line !)
BOB HILL, Littleton, MA, USA for DX Report   via e-mail   RX: Sony ICF-2010 with Kiwa filters  ANT: 100' dipole @ 30-35'
BOB PADULA, Surrey Hills, Victoria, Australia,  for EDXP via e-mail  http://members.tripod.com/~bpadula/edxp.html<http://members.tripod.com/~bpadula/padulabooks.html>
BRUNO PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy  for Radiorama Pirate News,  via e - mail    RX: Kenwood R5000, Lowe HF150 ANT.: Yaesu FRT7700, Daiwa AF606K, longwire 15 mt  <  http://www.arpnet.it/~air/welcome.htm > <  http://www.radiorama.it >
CHARLES BOLLAND, Lake Worth FL, USA  via e-mail  RX: NRD535D and NRD525    ANT.: Longwire
DAVID  J. VALKO,  USA for DX News via e-mail   RX: JRC NRD-535D - Collins R-388     ANT.: 33 meter (NE-SW) Longwire "T"
FLORENCE DX Newsletter (FDXN), Firenze, Italy via e-mail
GLENN HAUSER (GH), Enid OK, USA for GH SW/DX Report  via e-mail < http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio >
JUICHI YAMADA, Chiba, Japan    for Jembatan DX     via e-mail   RX:  NRD-525  - AR7030     ANT:   AN-1
MARTIN SCHOECH, Merseburg, Germany, for Clandestine Radio Watch (CRW) , via e-mail RX: Sony ICF 2001D ANT: Sony AN 1 (active telescopic antenna) <http://www.swl.net/swl-de/swl-cla.htm ><  http://www.ralabs.com/swl/cland.htm >
MICHIEL SCHAAY,  Doorn, The Netherlands  via e-mail   RX: AOR AR7030   ANT.: RF-Systems T2FD and MK1
NICOLAS ERAMO, Buenos Aires, Argentina  via e-mail    RX: SONY ICF 7600  ANT.: Longwire antenna 15 mts. RX:  SONY ICF SW 7600G   ANT.. V inverted antenna 20 mts
PAUL ORMANDY, Oamaru, New Zealand via e-mail       RX: Drake SPR-4      ANT: from home 2 x 25 metre dipoles in a V -  from Waianakarua, 3 x 300m Beverages aimed at the USA, 1 x 450 metre aimed at South America and 1 x 300m aimed at Hawaii/Alaska.
PIET PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands  via e-mail    RX: Lowe HF225E     ANT.:   20 meters longwire + MLB
RAUL GONZALEZ,  South America  via e-mail, DJ Radio Blandengue, et free e-mail and a permanent address at <http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Shadowlands/4401/blandengue.html>
ZACHARIAS LIANGAS, Thessalloniki, Greece via e-mail   RX:  Lowe HF 150 - Philips 2935 - Sony ICF 7600 D   ANT:  6 meters sloper  ATU hand made - 11 m hor ( for 40 m - 60 m ) - 6 m antenna tilted upward MFJ 16010 ATU MFJ 1040 b preselector MFJ 1025 antenna shadow < http://www.compulink.gr/Users/zliangas >  SHORTED ! < http://www.clandjop.com/~jcruzan/greek-p.html >  (mirrored for greek pirate radio )
SW TIPS    (TIME - Freq. - Country)
0000- 7169.7- UNID-  UnID R. 0000/1200 Am hearing a very weak signal both mornings and evenings here with Oriental  music but no readable speech. Might be Xizang PBS, but it's extremely tough to ID because of constant QRM from stations occupying 7170 at various  times of day. (Hill, USA )-
0000- 7415- TAJIKISTAN- Radio Free Asia, Dushanbe 12/128, 00:00, announcing Lao service, a few minutes of programming, than suddenly off. Tibetan service listed here untill 00.00 UTC. Laotian should be on 7495 kHz from this site. Estimated SINPO was 35344. Presumably they made the switch to 7495 a couple of minutes too late. (I couldn't check, because most of my nighttime monitoring is unmanned. I'm deep asleep and check the wavfiles next morning).WBCQ seems to be off the air, no trace of them here. (Schaay, The Netherlands)
0001- 7415- USA- WBCQ, Kennebunk, 14/12, 00:01, sung ID, talk about Clinton impeachment. SINPO 35344. Much better than the night before, when received with weak signal, talks by male speakers, ID "(...) on WBCQ (...)", country or patriotic type of song. Very weak, maybe on reduced power ? SINPO 25232. (Schaay, The Netherlands )
0004- 4790- INDIA- AIR Madras- 0004-0018- Beautiful W wailing vcl subcontinental mx- brief anmnt by M- then nx in  lang. by W from 0005 / 0014 w/ments of Iraq- U.S.- Pakistani- and South Africa. 0014 nice ID by M and tlk. Fair but seemed to be gradually fading. Others coming in but this was the only one w/pgming. (Valko- USA 20 Dec.)----
0007- 7170- SINGAPORE- RCS Olikkalanjiam (Tamil) Network 0007 Presumed this one with subcontinental vocals plus  talk and ads in Tamil; doing surprisingly well more than an hour past their local sunrise. (Hill, USA Dec. 20)-
0008- 6618.1- PERU- Radio Super Sensacion, Huancabamba, Spanish, Man Announcer, Musical Program   (huaynos) 00.08 - 01.03* s/off time checks "cuatro minutos para las ocho de la noche" Id "la programacion de   Super Radio Super Sensacion estara a partir del primero de enero de cinco a nueve de la manana......" Gracias  po su sintonia y sera hasta el dia de manana" 01.03* no carrier , SINPO 24432, Dec. 26, 1998, (Eramo, Argentina)
0010- 11940.36- CAMBODIA- A het here presumably from Nat. V. of Cambodia under strong heavily distorted R. Romania Int. at 0010. (Valko- USA 20 Dec9)
0024- 4648.4- BOLIVIA- Radio Santa Anta, Santa Ana de Yacuma, Spanish, Musical Program , Px "Recuerdos  Musicales" Man Announcer, time checks "siete minutos para las veintiuna horas", 00.24 - 00.54, ID by female announcer  "Radio Santa Ana...." SINPO 24222, Dec. 10, 1998 (Eramo, Argentina)
0041- 4990- INDIA- AIR, Itanagar 0041 Presumed this one with subcontinental vocal by woman and another  by man. Back to woman vocalist at 0047, then man in subcontinental language past 0053. Started to fade own around 0055, consistent with transmitter QTH in extreme northeastern India. Very seldom shows here at this  time of day. (Hill, USA Dec. 21)---
 0042- 5018.6- PERU- Radio Horizonte, Chachapoyas, (fqy var) Spanish, Man and Female announcer,  Musical Program "Amonia Tropical" Salsa and cumbia music ID "esta emitiendo Horizonte" time checks:  "siete de la noche con cuarenta y ocho minutos" Comunicado for inhabitant in Cajamarca, "Gracias por  dejarnos entrar a vuestros hogares,.......... gracias amigos de Armonia Musical....gracias en nombre de Radio  Horizonte..." 00.42 - 01.15* s/off , SINPO 34333, Dec. 27, 1998 (Eramo, Argentina)
0048- 11900 USA- WWBS- Macon GA- 0048-0110- W anncr giving addr and e-mail addr as WWBSradio@xxxxxxx Then rel. pgm "The Rest(??) of God" w/scripture readings and preaching. An ID later by W anncr as "You've been listening to  Pastor ??. This is WWBS radio- Macon GA- USA...." and thanks for regular mail and e-mail rcptn rpts. Addr again WWBS  Radio- P.O. Box 10174- Macon GA 31209. Then more preaching by diff. Pastor. Only a fair signal w/slight adjacent QRM. Tnx Hans Johnson for tip on this new stn. (Valko USA 21 Dec.)-
0100- 6890- USA- Radio Station WGTG, McCaysville, 15/12, 01:00, in USB, promo forAmerican Freedom Network, ad American truckers Association, ID, SINPO 45554. (Schaay, The Netherlands)
0107- 11900- USA- WWBS Radio- Macon- GA- 11900.00- 20-12-98- 01:07 presumed this one with male preaching. SINPO 23332 but improving to 33443 for a short period. (Schaay The Netherlands)
0112- 4995.4- PERU- Radio Andina, Huancayo, Spanish, Man Announcer and female announcer, Andean Music  "esoteric program" mention several times Huancayo, 01.12 / 01.31, SINPO 24332, Dec. 11, 1998, (Eramo, Argentina)-
0112- 7125- INDIA- AIR External Service 0112 Subcontinental vocals and woman in presumed Sindhi // 11790; fair strength, but choppy and splattered by DW/7130. (Hill,USA,Dec.11)-
0126- 7081.5- AFGHANISTAN- V. of Shari'ah (fqy var) 0126 Test tone till 0128 followed by a-cappella  male chorus with presumed NA. At 0129, at least two iterations of chime IS beginning mi sol mi sol mi sol.   Three pips at 0130 and talk by man; into Qur'an reading at 0132. Still in Qur'an at 0139, but not much readable thereafter. Drifted down to 7081.1 by 0142, 7079.9 by 0147, 7079.4 by 0206, 7079 by 0227. This on  Dec. 21; also audible the next evening at 0236 on 7079 and the following morning at 1150 on 7076.4.  Extremely weak and difficult to copy through almost constant ham QRM--SSTV, SSB, and CW! (Hill, USA)
0130- 5085- USA- Radio Station WGTG, McCaysville, 5085.00, 15/12, 01:30, in USB, promo for Republican Radio breakfast club, ID, SINPO 45444. (Schaay, The Netherlands )
0140- 4815- BRAZIL- R. Difusora Londrina- 0140-0158*- Impassioned pres. rel. preaching by M- 0150 canned ID anmnt  by M followed by another short ID anmnt- then tlk by M anncr (nx headlines??)- sev. canned anmnts. Final complete s/off  ID anmnt by M and W over instru. version of "I Need You to Turn To" by Elton John. Fairly good and not hrd very often. (Valko- USA 18 Dec.)
0151- 4925.6- BOLIVIARadio San Miguel, Riberalta, Beni, Spanish, Man Announcer, Comments 0151 - 01.54* s/off SINPO 24322 ID " Radio San Miguel.............Riberalta, Beni, Bolivia.." si quiere contactarse con nosotros......"(address and phone number) National Anthem (instrumental) Dec. 26, 1998 (Eramo, Argentina)-
0202- 5810- USA- Station KAIJ, Denton, TX, , 15/12, 02:02, instrumental funky music, ID, SINPO 35434 (Schaay, The Netherlands)
0216- 7084- AFGHANISTAN- R. Sharia (pres.)- 0216-0230- M vcls only- 0219-0224 tlk by 2 men in lang.- 0224 more M  vcls- then suddenly changed freq at 0226. Found it again on 7079.85 at 0229. Heavily jammed so couldn't really get an ID.  Tnx to Hans Johnson for tip!!! (Valko USA 20 Dec.)
0303- 6895.26- PERU- R. San Miguel el Faique- 0303-0307*- t/in to final slow deliberate full ID anmnt by M- instru. "El  Condor Pasa"- instru. OA NA- and off. Decent signal. (Valko USA 18 Dec.)
0340- 4827.95 ZIMBABWE- Radio Three, Zimbabwe 0340-0400 Noted typical African music with English  comments from a woman in between tunes. Signal was poor to fair. Bolland, USA December 28, 1998)
0417- 6115- PERU- Radio Union, Lima, Spanish, Man Announcer, Musical Program (Latin American music  and pop music in english of 60's) 0417 - 0423 ID "La experiencia esta en Radio Union" SINPO 44333 Dec.  27, 1998 (Eramo, Argentina)
0600- 9677.70- AZERBAIJAN- Voice of Justice, Stepanakert, 16/12, 06:00 sign-on with instrumental jazz type music, male and female speakers (in Azeri?) with presumed ID. Lousy modulation. Not sure if the above frequency is right, because this was timer operated DX and the AM-SYNC of my 7030 may not have worked with this modulation anyway. SINPO 45442. (Schaay, The Netherlands)
0625- 3270- USA- WGTG 0625 Very weak with non stop vocal music and parallel to 5085. (Pijpers, The  Netherlands Jan 2)
0640- 4930,6- HONDURAS- Radio Internacional 0640 This one audible on and off with qrm SPW, Warsaw's  data bursts. Romantic tunes and a New Year's Eve party on the way. (Pijpers, The Netherlands Jan 1)-
0700- 9600- RUSSIA- Radio Russia, Magadan, 16/12, 07:00, time pips, male speaker with Radio Russia ID,  SINPO 24442. (Schaay, The Netherlands)
0705- 6100.07- LIBERIA- R. Liberia Int./LCN- 0705-0719- EG world nx w/political slant- PSAs by M- headlines- ID by  M for R. Liberia Int.- into soft instru. mx w/M voice over. Returned at 0729 and hrd Christmas mx- 0730 ID again. Returned  once again at 0754 and hrd an ID for LCN. Fair w/6100 QRM. (Valko USA 19 Dec.)-
0720- 4775- BRAZIL- R.Liberal 0720-0740 "Liberal....do Pará", an extensive station promo topped off by a  jingle. Poor. (Pijpers, The Netherlands Jan 2)
0733- 5470- LIBERIA- R. Veritas- 0733- EG rel. tlk by M. The xmtr is apparently having trouble as it is constantly "Whooping". I wouldn't be surprised if this one went off the air. (Valko USA 19 Dec.)
0735- 6269.67- PIRATE EUROPE- R. AL Int. (tent.)- Just bits of audio- not strong enough to spend time on. Hrd as early at  0735 but not hrd earlier. Also had hets on 6309.24 at 0758 (drifted up to 6309.63 by 0852)- 6244.54 at 0800- and 6225.02 at 0827- but SRSnews didn't have any loggings for those. (Valko USA 19 Dec.)
0745- 6398.84- KOREA- NORTH- R. Pyongyang (pres.)- 0745- Patriotic vcl mx- no anmnts hrd. Fair w/heavy RTTY  QRM. Seemed an odd time for this until I looked at the "DX Edge": total darkness path with Pyongyang approaching sunset. 6575.13 was doing well. 7580 was in at 0804. (Valko USA 19 Dec)
0749- 6275.19- PIRATE EUROPE- R. Bandonica??- 0749-0800- Soft C&W rel like song at t/in- 0755 M anncr sounding  like DT. Dance mx. Didn't stick with it- but was still in at 0840 recheck. Very few Europirates coming in this morning as  conditions were worse than the previous morning. 6210.2 was coming in a little. (Valko USA 20 Dec.)
0755- 3905- PIRATE EUROPE- WLIQ via SWRS (in USB), Dec 13, Rock mx,ID in E 33333 23232 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)
0755- 7590- PIRATE EUROPE- WLIQ via SWRS (in USB) ), Dec 13,  Rock mx,ID in E 33333 23232 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)
0804- 6220- PIRATE EUROPE- R. Caroline presumably relayed by Laser Hot Hits- 0804-0834- Pop mx including  "Heartache Tonight" by the Eagles. Also played a song from "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (not "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head"). Anmnts after every song by M anncr. 0808 sev. Ments of Caroline. At 0820 mentioned "...Merry  Christmas to all of you listeners of there...R. Caroline from....thank you so much...". Gave an addr at 0830- mentioned  "Christmas 1979" and "...RNI and Mi Amigo- that's American get-away". Gave a freq and meterband during anmnt at 0834.  Weak w/quick QSB and some brief peaks. Continuous SSB traffic QRM. (Valko USA 19 Dec.)
0805- 6270- PIRATE EUROPE- R.AL Int. , Dec 13, Mx,ID in E(bad mode) 33333 23232 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)
0812- 6300- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Torenvalk Dec 13 Folk, rock mx,ID in Dutch,E 33333 23232 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)
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