SV: [HCDX]: Unid LA on 1380
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SV: [HCDX]: Unid LA on 1380

>on Dec 28 I heard a spanish speaking (religious?) station on 1380 kHz 
>after c/d of Ondas del Mar at 0402 h with RCN Tunja in the background.
>After a prayer till 0405 I heard an ID `Diferente - con mejor oponida 
>alvituz ... - rebelacion radiofonica con ... vatos de potencia`. This
>was followed by an US-prayer translated into Spanish.
>This station heard again at 0533 with `1 y 33 ....programa madrugada 
>Great condx into Venezuela at that time with 1380, 1500 and 1510 kHz 
>coming in with powerful signals (O=4).
>This is a message from Wolfgang.Seyfried@xxxxxxxxxxx (Wolfgang Seyfried)

My guess would be CB138 R Corporación in Chile.
Fredrik Douren, Borlaenge, Sweden

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