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At 18:22 02/01/99, Ulis wrote:
>Free market rules says if you don't buy it then maybe they will get the
>message that their product is garbage.  When a company stops listening to
>their customers its like a ship at sea without a compass.  Is anyone
>suprised about all of this?  I'm not.

Frankly, I'm surprised at just how much tolerance there is for the level of
mistakes and inconsistencies in the WRTH publication. I've now read enough
comments about the '99 edition to decide not to buy it. After all, if it
isn't an improvement on the '98 edition which I have, what is there to
gain? New and updated information is readily available via forums such as
this, as well as in electronic newsletters prepared by very experienced and
knowledgable people. The traditional hard copy DX club bulletin is also
still serving a useful role. Sure, an annual publication trying to deal
with the ever changing world of international broadcasting faces some
challenges, but the technology is now available to facilitate the very
rapid exchange of new and updated information.

Matt Francis
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