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Re: [HCDX]: WRTH99

Hello there,

Matt Francis wrote:

> mistakes and inconsistencies in the WRTH publication. I've now read enough
> comments about the '99 edition to decide not to buy it. After all, if it

I've never posted here before, mainly because a SW-77 hooked up to a magnetic
loop with frequency converter located in the middle of Berlin does not quite
make me a HCDXer...
Anyways, I got to this hobby in 1994 and have been buying the WRTH ever since
then, plus a couple of other annual publications if my bank account allows me
to :-)
Just browsed through all the messages in this thread and have decided not to
buy the '99 edition as well, instead I'll finally give PWBR a try, since it's
come recommended.
The equipment I'm using may not stand any comparison with what other
HCDX-subscribers operate, but it already means a fortune to me and has heard
quite some countries during the past years...
Being on a rather low budget I don't see any sense in purchasing a 29 Euro
(here in Germany) book with hardly anything new. Sender & Frequenzen, aimed at
listeners in central europe, costs 22 Euros but includes 3 updates in 12
months. PWBR sells for hardly 17 and so far no one has complained about
outdated information.

I simply had to throw this in before I return to read-only mode :-) , MM

 -- DE7DBM - Matthias Mueller - QTH: Berlin
 -- SW77, GS2-SE & ML-1-S

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