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Re: [HCDX]: Re: Various

At 01.00 5.1.1999 +0100, Jorge Garzón wrote:
>> From: Magnus Nilsson
>> Subject: Re: [HCDX]: oid arab station on 1620 kHz.
>> >Also noted an arab station on 1620 kHz but my somewhat limited
knowledge in
>> >Arabic made it impossible to make sure the name/QTH for the station.
>> >with a guess what this might be ?
>> >The MW-band offered arab stations on several other frequencies, too.
>> >As the band above 1620 kHz not is used for broadcasting in neither
Europe or
>> >Middle East and I suppose very few "normal" radios are able to tune in
>> >frequncies like this, I wonder what audience the station expect.
>No Arab stations on this frequency, but I remember that Morocco (RTM, 
>program A from Rabat (25 kW Txer) use to be heard on 1620 kHz (810 kHz x 
>2). A similar effect is widely heard with the same transmitter on 819 kHz
>on 1638 kHz, 819 kHz x 2), so be careful with R Lebanon. Try to get 
It turned out to be the clandestine "The Future" (Al Mustaqbal). But the
possibility of 2nd harmonic is really worth noting when looking for R
Lebanon ("Iza'at Loubnan") from Australia on 1620 or 1638!

73, Mauno
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