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[HCDX]: Re: Various

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> Unid 1593,1644,jan 1,Quoran redical until 1647 then arabic female =
> speaker and arabic music followed by male speaker,mixed up with Romania.
> Anybody a clue?
> 22222

I remember that you can heard the IRIB 1 Isfaham Txer (100 kW) on this freq. 
Ramadan period can explain the "Radical Corán" you posted. 

> Subject: [HCDX]: WRTH99

I ask myself:
If the WRTVH is a private bussiness, why don't pay some monitors all around 
the globe to rely on the information sent?.

We, as keen DXers, send tips and listings but it is no worth because of the 
WRTVH Editor attitude.

BTW, any of you have discovered BRB (Barbados) information in the domestic 
section of the book? 

> From: Wolfgang.Seyfried@xxxxxxxxxxx (Wolfgang Seyfried)
> Subject: [HCDX]: Unid LA on 1380 a.o.
> on Dec 28 I heard a spanish speaking (religious?) station on 1380 kHz 
> after c/d of Ondas del Mar at 0402 h with RCN Tunja in the background.
> After a prayer till 0405 I heard an ID `Diferente - con mejor oponida 
> alvituz ... - rebelacion radiofonica con ... vatos de potencia`. This
> was followed by an US-prayer translated into Spanish.
> This station heard again at 0533 with `1 y 33 ....programa madrugada 
> diferente`.

Hi Wolfgang,
Radio Corporación, Chile is the best bet for this frequency with a religious 

> From: Mauno Ritola <ritola@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: [HCDX]: Wanted information about UK RSL-stations and oid arab station on 1620 kHz.
> >Also noted an arab station on 1620 kHz but my somewhat limited knowledge in
> >Arabic made it impossible to make sure the name/QTH for the station. Anybody
> >with a guess what this might be ?
> >The MW-band offered arab stations on several other frequencies, too.
> >As the band above 1620 kHz not is used for broadcasting in neither Europe or
> >Middle East and I suppose very few "normal" radios are able to tune in
> >frequncies like this, I wonder what audience the station expect.

No Arab stations on this frequency, but I remember that Morocco (RTM, 
program A from Rabat (25 kW Txer) use to be heard on 1620 kHz (810 kHz x 
2). A similar effect is widely heard with the same transmitter on 819 kHz (heard 
on 1638 kHz, 819 kHz x 2), so be careful with R Lebanon. Try to get 
Hope this helps!

73, Peace and DX

Jorge Garzón
Mairena del Aljarafe (España): 37.2149N 06.0250W 65 m.s.n.m.
OL/OM: ICOM R71-A, SONY ICF-2010, Dipolo DX Ultra, Cuadros 
FM: SONY ST-S370 + 2x5el yaguis apiladas
'MEDI DX' WEB: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/4847
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