Re: [HCDX]: WRTH99
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Re: [HCDX]: WRTH99

Hi Mauno,

Good to see we are on the same wavelength... no pun intended :^)

> BTW, how did you contact this "secret" Arctic Radio Club? They don't have
> e-mail address or web page, do they? I haven't seen their news anywhere
> the web or on the lists.

I have not tried to contact them and haven't seen an e-mail address... I
have an idea that Henrik Klemetz may be involved, which would be good news
as he is an excellent DXer, lives in the right location (South America) and
is very accurate... perhaps if you're reading this Henrik, you may wish to
solicit info...
> >Am I alone in wishing that the TV pages of the Handbook would disappear
> I don't think you are alone. Maybe both the amount of TV and FM info
> both be still reduced a bit, and the best possible web page addresses
> instead. I'm a member of the FMTVDX-list, and there has been a lot of
> discussion about the difficulty of collecting satisfactory information on
> FM stations even for Europe, because the scene is changing so fast.

The way I see it, the TV information is so scarce and lacking detail that
it can't be much help to anyone... is that the case?

73s Paul
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