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Re: [HCDX]: WRTH99

At 07.36 8.1.1999 +1300, you wrote:
>As a collaborator to the WRTH, I sent updated MW info for New Zealand
>however, as with John Wright's Australian update, it wasn't used due to a
>problem at WRTH HQ... David Bobbett tells me he is disappointed this
>happened and is aware of what to check for next time. 

I have sent a contribution once to editor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and David
Bobbett answered me personally, so at least that message went through.

>As to the accuracy of the information, I think we should all be keen to
>contribute to the WRTH though unless you are a collaborator like me, how do
>you offer your news? 

I don't know what I am, just a contributor. In 1997 I was fairly actively
listening to and QSLing Russian stations and I just sent all the info I saw
being different from -97 edition to Andy Sennitt by e-mail. And they all
got in the -98 book, and my name on the list, too.

>Perhaps WRTH should establish a bureau to handle such
>information, e.g. any Latin changes being passed on to the Arctic Radio
>Club etc... at present if I had some news on a Latin station, I wouldn't
>know where to send it.

Yes, there should be concentration and some kind of double-checking. Even
the info on HCDX can't be printed just like that. Every makes mistakes and
mis-hearings happen. I'm glad to see that Bahrain is not listed on 11910
kHz, hi!
BTW, how did you contact this "secret" Arctic Radio Club? They don't have
e-mail address or web page, do they? I haven't seen their news anywhere in
the web or on the lists.

>Am I alone in wishing that the TV pages of the Handbook would disappear or
>is this the wrong forum to talk about the usefulness of this section given
>that we as a group are more interested in MW/LW/SW??? I thought that all
>the TV info could be assembled in the other TV & Satellite Handbook,
>leaving plenty of room for a time vs. frequency graphical display ala

I don't think you are alone. Maybe both the amount of TV and FM info could
both be still reduced a bit, and the best possible web page addresses given
instead. I'm a member of the FMTVDX-list, and there has been a lot of
discussion about the difficulty of collecting satisfactory information on
FM stations even for Europe, because the scene is changing so fast.

>And has anyone noticed that in the '98 version, Barbados, the Galapagos Is
>and Norfolk Is in the countries sections were all missing? This year
>Norfolk has reappeared... Barbados and Galapagos are still "under water"...

And Burundi.

73, Mauno
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