[HCDX]: loggings
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[HCDX]: loggings


Nice conditions on the higher bands tonight. Here are a few examples:


17680.1, Voz Cristiana; Santiago, May 24, Ballad, male annoucner in Spanish,
ID. // weaker 21550.06, and strong 11745 kHz. (Veldhuis)


15140, HCJB; Pifo, May 24, 2146-2201 , Spanish program, seemingly for kids.
Funny songs and singing children, and a female speaker in Spanish. Canned ID
just before 2200 UTC, with TS at 2200. At 2155 there was a short break in
the tranmission. 34444. USB transmitter on 21455 kHz. also good, e.g. 2206
UTC in Japanese. (Veldhuis)


17675, RNZI; Rangitaiki, May 24, 2132-2137, English news by male speaker,
ID: "From Radio New Zealand International, this is mailbag", female speaker
reading letters. 24433 (Veldhuis)


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