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9550, Radio Bangladesh; Kabirpur, 25/7, 1559-1603, IS, male speaker in
unidentified language, chants. At re-check 1630 UTC clear mention of
Bangladesh, followed by beautiful song with female vocals. ILG Database
lists Arabic 1600-1630, and Bengali 1630-1730 UTC. 22432 (Veldhuis)


4820, Radio Botswana; Gaborone, 25/7, 1911-1916, Male speaker in vernacular,
short piece of flute music, followed by ID and news by male speaker in
English. Another ID at 1915 UTC. 24343 (Veldhuis)


15140, HCJB; Pifo, 25/7, 2238-2250, Booming in with lovely Andean music,
short announcement and ID by female in Spanish. At 2247 promo or
advertisement, followed by romantic song with male vocals. Very pleasant
listening with 6.4 kHz. filter and some treble and bass adjustments, using
AOR AR7030's sync detector. 44444 (Veldhuis)


9704.2, Radio Ethiopia; Gedja, 25/7, 1454-1501, Ethiopian popmusic, male
speaker in vernacular, IS, ID, chime, talk. 24332 (Veldhuis)


15140, AIR; Bangalore, 25/7, 1614-1618, IS, female speaker with ID in
Russian, talk. Mention of Pakistan and Kashmir. QRM from UNID station with
chants. 43443 (Veldhuis)


15820, 25/7, 2223, Two programs in Spanish, one on LSB and one on USB. Both
suddenly off at 2232 UTC. Argentina? 24343 (Veldhuis)


13740, Voice of Vietnam; Hanoi, 25/7, 1607-1612, English service with
"Sunday show", hosted by male and female speaker. Audio on LSB stronger than
on USB. //9730 kHz. 44444 (Veldhuis)

Best 73',
Mark Veldhuis
the Netherlands

AOR AR7030
20 meter longwire
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