[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings



4471.9, Radio Movima; Santa Ana del Yacuma, Jul 24, 2323-2346, Male speaker
in Spanish, piece of music. Mention of Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and other
places. Several IDs after 2343 UTC. 34343 (Veldhuis)

4649, Radio Santa Ana; Santa Ana del Yacuma (tentative), Jul 24, 2349-0006,
male talk in Spanish. Tentative mention of "...Yacuma...". At 0000 UTC
promo's or advertisements. Very weak and quite some static noise. (Veldhuis)


3240.1, TWR; Mpangela Ranch, Jul 24, 1914, Noted off-frequency with
childrens choir, short announcement by male in unidentified language, then
IS once and off. Weak signal. (Veldhuis)

Best 73',
Mark Veldhuis
The Netherlands

AOR AR7030
20 meter longwire
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