[HCDX]: What I heard in 6890?
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[HCDX]: What I heard in 6890?

Hello friends,

Today at 0423 UTC I copied in 6890 MHz one emition in AM, english language.

First I believed was one broadcasting signal with program devoted to HAMS.
The speacker talked about "ARRL, IC 706, Short Wave DX...", "Remember: you
can acces the world with 100 Watts". A LOT of olds QSOs was transmited I
belive like pratical examples of HAM action.

The QSOs recordered was between probaly WA8SZE (send 59 and "one bravo
Georgia") and others hams.

By the way the call can be WA4SZE, W84SZE or similar (The QSB was heavy).

But at 0500 UTC the speacker says "This is WA4SZE (or similar) sigg-off.
Thank you" and thats the end of the history.

What I heard? Was it one broadcasting program devoted in amateur radio? Was
it one amateur radio special emition? Any special educational club
transmition? With QSOs recorders? In 6 MHz?

I can copy here in Sao Paulo the ARRL emitions and the US broadcasting
programs devoted to HAMs but I dont know about my last experience.     

Thanks for the attention and sorry my english mistakes.

AL - py2zx@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Jundiai - Sao Paulo State - Brazil
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