RE: [HCDX]: R. Veronica 1224 kHz
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RE: [HCDX]: R. Veronica 1224 kHz

Hi there!

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> I heard Radio Veronica on 1224 kHz this morning (AUG 23) even here in the
> western part of the Czech Republic, some 700 Kms from the radio ship.

Congratulations on this nice catch.
But FYI, they don't transmit from a ship, although that was the original
plan. The studio's are in a Hotel in Hilversum, and they use a 5 kW.
transmitter at Lopik.
The project is ver succesfull. In a Dutch radio newsgroup, almost everyone
writes about and, and people plead for actions like in 1974 ("Veronica
blijft als U at wilt - Veronica stays if you want"). It's radio 'from the
heart' , as people write, not from the computers that are used now, with
DJ's who record all their text in advance.
It is not sure yet if the famous last hour of 1974 will be rebroadcast next
saturday at 1700 local time, when the last hour of the 1224 project will

Best 73',
Mark Veldhuis.
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