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[Fwd: [HCDX]: Canada 6160]

To further clarify what I stated previously, and to address Willi's
question, CKZN-6160 St. John's carries a programme feed from CFGB-FM,
89.5 MHz, site listed by CBC as Happy Valley-Goose Bay (that's in
Labrador, the mainland part of the province of Newfoundland). CFGB-FM is
in fact a CBC Radio 1 outlet, so when CKZN is airing local programmes,
such as in the morning, one would hear local news and weather for
Labrador because the studio origination is from the Labrador station
(not from CBN Radio 1 in St. John's, which is the point I was making
before). Hope that clarifies.

73 - Dave
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>This would be Vancouver, relaying CBU-690, CBC Radio 1 in Vancouver.
>Contrary to info in WRTH, the St. John's Newfoundland station (CKZN)
>does NOT relay CBN-640 (which is also Radio 1). I have this info from
>the best possible authority: Jean Burnell in St. John's.

Hi Dave,

what program will then be relayed by CKZN? I would like to correct this
information in the Tropical Band List. Thanks for your help!


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