[HCDX]: More African Tribal mx heard again
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[HCDX]: More African Tribal mx heard again

I got the African mx again tonight. 6950 usb, 25 August, 0407 to 0409utc
then I started getting interference from American pirate Radio Metallica
Worldwide on 6955 am.
6950 was not there just before the hour when I had checked on it. Then when
I checked at at 0407 6950 was coming in SINPO 25442 until wiped out by RMWW
on 6955 with SINPO 45433.
I'm in western Kentucky, USA, on the Ohio River: Henderson city. My antenna
is a 23 meter longwire running SW to NE. Receiver: Sony ICF-2010.

I pretty darn sure its not China Radio International as some have suggested.

Otherwise I haven't a clue.

Charlie C

I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now.
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