[HCDX]: G Hauser's SW/DX Report 99-36
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[HCDX]: G Hauser's SW/DX Report 99-36

        GLENN HAUSER'S SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-36, Aug 26, 1999

{Items from this and all our reports may be reproduced and re-
reproduced only provided full credit be maintained at all stages}

THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO 1000. This commemorative edition includes
greetings, some taped, from listeners and colleagues, fun and serious
See http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/Wor1000.html

Glenn Hauser Interview on CKUT

For those who may have missed it, I have the interview with Glenn 
Hauser on The International Radio Report with Sheldon Harvey and Bill 
Westenhaver via CKUT recorded Sunday Aug 22, 1999 posted on my web page 
in Real Audio. This was regarding Glenns 1000th broadcast of World of 
Radio. http://www.n1dk.com 73, (Dave Kirby N1DK) Thanks, Dave!

Glenn Hauser Interview on RFPI Mailbag, the week of August 27:

Fri 2030, Sat 0430, 1230, 1830, Sun 0230, 1030, Tue 1930, Wed 0330,
1130, Wed 1700, Thu 0100, 0900. On 6975 0000-0800 (-1200 Sat/Sun/Mon);
15049 24 hours; 21460-USB 1200-0300. Also will be archived on the
RFPI website like all Mailbags: http://www.rfpi.org/webcast.html

Glenn Hauser Interview on VOA Communications World, week of Aug 28:

See http://www.trsc.com/cw for extensive schedule. On VOA itself this
will be on the "B" segment; included via WWCR UT Sun 0200 on 5070, Mon 
0530 on 3210, Thu 1230 on 15685

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 99-06. A new edition was produced and sent to
RFPI and http://www.DXing.com this week and should become available
next week. For topic summary see


A web site has been set up at http://ds.dial.pipex.com/bbcfsu
which looks at BBCMS over this period.
(Chris Greenway-UK, BDXC-UK, via WDXC Contact Aug via Wolfgang
Bueschel, hard-core-dx) Congratulations to the great people at BBCM!

** ANTARCTICA [and non]. Listening to WOR last night on WWCR and noted
the Antarctic flight frequencies given. [actually Malvinas]

The 1999-2000 season for Operation Deepfreeze for the US/NZ teams on 
the Ice has just commenced, with the first re-supply fight on 20th

This season, and after many years the Air Ground en route frequencies
have changed.

Auckland as Control station for the South Pacific air ground MWARA 
area also used their standard channels of 3467, 5643, 8867, 13261, 
17904. The Antarctic data is

9032 replaces 8998 kHz
11256 remains in use
5727.5 replaces 5726 (use of a .5 seems odd on this day and age, but
                      it is as announced on air)

On the net - which is only operational when flights are about to go,           
or when ground parties being contacted - the main thrust is late 
October until February when McMurdo (call MAC centre), South Pole 
Station and numerous aircraft and ground parties are on. [illegible 
line on fax]

Currently the flights are by solitary C-141B aircraft on re-supply 
using call signs beginning "ICE", first flight 01, and so on. The 
normal departure time from Christchurch is around 1700 UT, and HF
contact being made soon after. When the season opens properly C5, C-
141 and LC-130 of the US, C-130's of NZ will operate, and just maybe a
C-17 for trial. 

Congrats on WOR No. 1000! Trust of use. Regards, (Ron F. Killick,
Christchurch, New Zealand, Aug 23, on NZ DX Radio Association

** BELGIUM [non]. RVI's feeder apparently fixed! Normal transmissions
Sunday Aug 15 2230 on 15565 via Bonaire (Bob Thomas, CT, RIB)

** COSTA RICA. Tho never mentioned in promotion, RPFI's Progressive
News originally airing live at 2200-2230 Mon-Fri, and repeated at
0130 and 0600, also gets a default repeat at approximately 1400, as 
noted here Aug 20 and 21 on 15049 and 21460-USB. At least on 
weekdays, this is subject to pre-emption by Spanish programming,
which hasn't occurred lately (Glenn Hauser, REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL

** COSTA RICA. For those who may be wondering, as I have been, what
the current antenna azimuths of RFPI frequencies are, James Latham
told me Aug 26:

 6975: 330 degrees
15049: 340 degrees, broad beam covering most of NAm
21460-USB: toward North Africa/Mediterranean, so OK is now off to the
side (yes, it has been quite poor here, lately) (Glenn Hauser, REVIEW

** GERMANY. Subject: more on DW pending cuts

According to the Polish Section of Deutsche Welle (22nd of August 
1999), the landslide cuts in DW radio services will touch the Polish 
service in the way of axing one of three daily programmes i.e. the one 
broadcast at 12.00 UTC on 7170 kHz and 9735 kHz. Kind regards (Kris 
Rybus, Warsaw, Poland, Aug 22 via Hauser)




** ISRAEL. 6898 - Galei Zahal (Israel Defense Forces Radio) is back and 
on this frequency.  First heard around 0100 and IDed at 2300. Pop music 
programs as noted in the past.  Very strong signal, but sounds like USB 
+ carrier (Dave Valko, PA, Aug 22, Cumbre DX) Usually comes and goes
quickly in a few days (gh)

** ISRAEL. Israel changes to Winter time - Sep 2

Just a reminder, Israel changes back to Standard/Winter time on
Thursday, September 2nd. Therefore, all broadcasts will be one
hour earlier UTC. This means that broadcasts will be one hour
earlier local time, until 'we' change the clock to Standard time also.
The current Kol Israel schedule is still effective until October 30th
1999. (Daniel Rosenzweig)

** ISRAEL. Contrary to Doni's latest report about frequencies in
English at 1400, heard Aug 25 at 1425 on new 15650 //17620 (Joe
Hanlon, NJ) Actually, 15650 was on the old schedule (gh)

** MADAGASCAR. Hi Glenn,

One news item which ties in with Alok Das Gupta's observations in the
latest BC-DX Radio Netherlands web-site 20th August says Tamil-Oli 
Radio, IBC Tamil and Voice of Democratic Burma now being carried via 
the RN Madagascar relay. Schedule is

1128-1228  17495 Tamil-Oli Radio
1429-1455  17550 Voice of Democratic Burma
1458-1525  17490 IBC Tamil

All 50kw at 055 degrees. (Mike Barraclough, England, Aug 21, REVIEW

** PERU. 5645.6 RADIO COREMARCA. 0015-0130 Aug. 14

New station from Bambamarca, ex Radio Cultural Amauta, ex L.V. de San
Antonio TC: "...le informo la hora 7 de la noche con 20 minutos, Radio
Coremarca esta transmitiendo en 1430 amplitud modulada y 5645 Kcs
frecuencia internacional Onda Corta de los 45 metros....". On Sunday
at the same time noted with Program: Saludando al Oyente, hosted
by Eliodoro Chavez Bustamante "Amigos y Amigas de la sintonia de Radio
Coremarca abrimos la cortina de nuestro primer programa dominical,
Saludando al Oyente, desde Bambamarca le hablamos a todo el Peru a
traves de nuestra onda corta 5645 kcs frecuencia internacional de los
45 metros...Somos tu Radio Coremarca siempre contigo..." Ments freq. in
F.M. 101.1 mghz. and Virgilio Carranza Tello, Director. The name 
[Coremarca] is somewhat strange; I believe that the name should be the 
abbreviation of some organization or something similar. (Rafael 
Rodriguez R., Bogota, Colombia, MUNDO RADIAL)

** TURKEY. V. of Turkey English frequencies as anounced at closing
0350 Aug 22 on 11655: 1830 13695 11765; 2030 7170; 2200 7190 13640;
0300 11655 21715 7270. BTW, the fortnightly DX corner was on this

** U S A. Glenn -- Thanks for bringing to my attention the fact that 
our program schedule had disappeared from the web page. I don't know 
why that happened, but I just put it back on and checked it out; it 
seems to be OK now. I agree that the internal link situation is 
frustrating, but xoom seems  to do it that way. At least I haven't 
found a way to get around it.  (Jeff White, WRMI, Aug 21)

Revived scedule at http://members.xoom.com/wrmi shows additional
times for 7465, which I could barely confirm in the afternoon:

M-F 2100-2200 and Tu-Sat 0100-0200, both for Republic Radio
International; also, on UT Mon only, after 7465 at 0330-0400, goes
back to 9955 at 0400-0500 for La Nueva Voz de Cuba. R. Prague relays 
are still on the schedule, tho we can't hear them, daily at 0200-0330 
on 9955 in Spanish, Czech and English respectively (Glenn Hauser,

** U S A. Spectrum on WWCR: Lately I had assumed it was on another
hiatus since News was coming up following WOR at 0300 UT Sun on 
5070; but I stuck with it Aug 22, at at 0306:30 Spectrum opened, now
on the "Liberty Watch" (?) network. It appears this program has
continuing connexions with far right groups (Glenn Hauser, REVIEW

** U S A. WGTG on 12170-USB ex-12180, Aug 25 at 1925 (George Thurman)
//9400, yawn (Glenn Hauser, OK)

** U S A. Glenn, let us know, how you communicate with WGTG, please.
73, (Uwe Volk, hard-core-dx)

I pulled WOR off WGTG at the end of last year, despite the time being
donated, since they were extremely unreliable in airing it as 
scheduled. E-mail wgtg@xxxxxxxxxxx no longer works, nor does website
http://www.wgtg.com -- so I have no idea how to contact them now,
webwise (Glenn Hauser, hard-core-dx)

** U S A. Caught AWWW this week on WBCQ, UT Sat Aug 21 at 0000 on
7415: the significant program info: 

New show starting Aug 27 is "Pagan Potpourri", with Helen and Roger.
Helen called in to plug it, apparently a new show she is starting.
(This will no doubt give ammo to those on rec.radio.sw who think
Allan is bewitched by Elayne...). Helen said it would be "just 
before AWWW", i.e. 2330-2400, but at least three times AHW gave the
time as 5:30-6 pm ET, i.e. 2130-2200. Will include music not heard
on commercial radio; nature-oriented, spirituality, in time with 
seasons, holidays. She is very open to contributions from listeners,
suggestions about content, even tapes; not a serious show, with 
humor. And went on to explain how pagans are nice people, not devil-
worshipers, child-sacrificers. Originates in Milwaukee. Later Allan
said Fred Flintstone Music Show is leaving Saturday night slot --
good time now for sale starting Aug 28, 11 pm-midnight ET -- for
Friday 6-7 pm ET (2200-2300 UT)  (Glenn Hauser, REVIEW OF 

** U S A. Replacing the Saturday 1930 airing of World of Radio on WWCR-
3 12160, from August 21 is a program which had been pending for some 
time, "Northern Frontiers", about Canadian history, current events, 
culture, agriculture, entertainment; not religious. With George Balogh 
(BAY-low). This is the only timing for it so far, paired with another 
foreign show preceding, RTE (Dawn, WWCR, Aug 23, REVIEW OF 

** U S A. 9725 - (Cumbre DX Special correction)  WTJC his hours are 
0200-1400, not 0400-1600 as I wrote the other day. Untraced here so 
far, I guess he is still waiting on his crystal.  (Hans Johnson Aug 
22, Cumbre DX) That's the new Fundamental Broadcasting Network 
station in Newport, North Carolina, expected to start testing
imminently. Seems I have been hearing longtime occupant of this 
frequency, TIAWR during some of this span including open carriers 
which I had assumed were TIAWR wasting watts; will they not avoid 

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