[HCDX]: unid CH 7494
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[HCDX]: unid CH 7494

Maybe we should rename this list unid-dx-list or something like that :-)
Anyway, maybe someone can help with this:

7494 unid Chinese speaking station, daily since first logged Aug.22.
Fades in before 1400, a bit choppy carrier, varies 7493.9-7494.1 with
occasional short tx breaks. Signal strength almost same as CNR 7504.
Around 1500 commercials block, which sometimes starts 1455 and may
last until 1515. After that usually lady-dj with phone-in program and soft
Chinese/western songs. Pulls the plug suddenly after 1600 time pips and
announcement. Pips are five long, one short high. I heard only once a possible
id after commercials (if not part of the spot). It goes somehow "Er too xinxi
(or chintsi or similar word) kuangpo tientai juang qu kulanien hang jao, tien
tang, hanchow". Found no parallel freqs. Any ideas?

Jari Savolainen
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