[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 8/26/99
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[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 8/26/99

           WELCOME TO IRCA's AM-DX NEWSFLASH   -  August 26 1999
                                Vol 5  No 21


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 NO AM DX NewsFlash next week... I'll be in RI on travel
 I'm using a new editor this issue, let me know if there are any glitches

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CONVENTION - MEETING INFO (corrections/additions welcome)

NRC '99:  The 1999 NRC convention will be held at the Holiday Inn,
Bridgeport WV on Sept 3-6, 1999.  Reservations 1-304-842-5411, $70.95
for two double bed  room, no limit on how many in a room.  Convention
Registratio - $35.  Host is William Swiger, One Casey Ln, Bridgeport WV
26330, 304-842-4635.

MEDIA RELEASE #2 - 31 May, 1999
RADIO FEST 1999 - Celebrating 25 Years of Radio Fun

   The Ontario DX Association invites radio enthusiasts of all interests
and all levels to join us for Radio Fest 99. Following on the success of
our first Radio Fest event in 1998, this will be one of the major radio
listeners event of the year. Radio Fest 99 will also celebrate the 25th
anniversary of the Ontario DX Association, Canada's largest radio
listeners' club.
   Dates: Friday, September 24 to Sunday, September 26
   Location: Ramada Inn & Convention Centre, Oakville, Ontario (located
at Queen Elizabeth Way and Trafalgar Road)
   Theme: "Celebrating 25 Years of Radio Fun".
   Radio Fest 99 will reminisce about the origins of the Ontario DX
Association, the DX hobby 25 years ago, and we'll also look to the
future of DXing and broadcasting.

 Friday:  Wine & Cheese Reception at 7:00 pm. Join us for this
opportunity to meet other attendees in a very relaxed atmosphere.
 Saturday: Registration will begin at 8:00 am and the program will begin
at 8:45 am concluding at approximately 5:00 pm.
  The day begins with an audio-visual presentation, "The Origins of the
ODXA, the Gestetner Years", by Harold Sellers. Tom Williamson, a
shortwave listener for several decades will reflect upon his experiences
listening from three continents.
  A panel of special guests will address the subject: "On the Dawn of
the Millenium, Where Do We Find Ourselves?"
  The afternoon will conclude with the always fun Game Show and raffle
draws, plus a slice of 25th birthday cake for everyone!
  Everything will wrap up will a wonderful banquet on Saturday evening.
 Sunday: Before saying goodbye, join your fellow conventioneers for
breakfast (your choice and you pay) in the hotel restaurant. We expect
to offer a tour of a nearby radio site. More details later.
 Exhibits: Equipment suppliers; clubs; technology from yesterday, today
and tomorrow; plus tables of used equipment for sale.
 Accomodations : You may contact the Ramada Inn by telephone
(905)849-5950, toll free 1-800-357-0880, Web www.ramada-oakville.com. A
special rate of Cdn$82 per night for Radio Fest 99 is available.


 CPC DX tests


CPC Chairperson (IRCA) - Lynn Hollerman - gmhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Right now Lynn is looking for target station lists and stamps or money
to help get the lists worked on.  Thank you Lynn... pb





Ralph Sanserino - Perris CA - sanser@xxxxxxx

1630  Mexican playing light classical music Friday afternoon. Went to OC 
       at 5:55 PM PDT then off at 6:04 PM  PDT.  They seem to still be 
       testing sounds like they go up and down with the modulation, also 
       the signal strength goes up and down.  They do have a clean signal 
       and no sideband slop yet, like others on the x-band.  I like the 
       kind of music they play and no ads


Arnold - ARNOLDEVNS@xxxxxxx (via Pat Martin)

Word today is that KRZI 1580 in Waco will be on the air on 1660 within 
the next 2 weeks.  The transmitter building is built and the tower is 
half-way up.  The ground system is already installed.  I'm not sure what 
the calls will be on 1660 or what they'll do with 1580.  They say they'll 
be on the air in time for the Baylor University Football season - which 
is 2 weeks away. 




Charles A. Taylor - Grifton NC - calltaylor@xxxxxxxxxxx

1340 WOOW NC Greenville:  Observed 8/21/99 @ 1000 going from "La Loz 
      Latina" SS program into an unnamed SS Christian religious program. 
      Said "La Loz Latina" program runs 0800-1000 on Saturday. First time 
      WOOW noted with SS programming. Need to find out SS hours of 
      programming. Co-owned WTOW-1320 Washington, NC still Black Gospel 


**ragnar danneskjold - Mesa AZ - lwdxer@xxxxxxxx

Heard on a GE Model 3-5280C [SR II with cassette]:

 890  WLS   IL, Chicago 0635 8/27 with weather report and it will be 84F 
       Sat. ID as "Newsradio 89, WLS". Was in KDXU null.
 980  KSVC  UT, Richfield 0700 8/27 Just ended Daybreak USA. TOH legal ID 
       as "980 KSVC, Richfield - Salina." Then into ABC News. Was in KFWB 
1150  KDEF  NM, Albuquerque 8/23 0005 with ads for a microbrewery and ID. 
       Sportsfan Network. In KCKY null.


Mark Connelly - WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

*** Summer 1999 Roadtrip Report (#2) ***

[Connelly*D-MA] = Duxbury, MA (GC= 70.651 W / 42.047 N)
(west end of Powder Point Bridge, at King Caesar Road)

[Connelly*O-MA] = South Orleans, Cape Cod, MA (GC= 69.991 W / 41.735 N)
(Town Landing / beach, off Route 28, 0.3 km N of Tar Kiln Road)

[Connelly*R-MA] = Rockport, MA (GC= 70.622 W / 42.667 N) (Granite Pier)
Boston Area DXers annual "DX Clams" get-together

[Connelly*S-MA] = Scituate, MA (GC= 70.742 W / 42.162 N)        
(Route 3A at North River & Marshfield town line: North River Marina)
[Connelly*Y-MA] = South Yarmouth, Cape Cod, MA (GC= 70.20 W / 41.65 N)
(Windmill Park & Beach: River St. at Willow St.)

Receiver: Drake R8A

Antenna systems: RL-1 remotely-tuned loop, MFJ-1024 whip, BBL-1 broadband 
loop, controller, Superphaser-1 phasing unit


 549  ALGERIA  Les Trembles, AUG 7 2355 - male AA vocal; fair. 
549  GERMANY  AUG 8 0035 - // 756 with male & female opera vocals and 
       classical violin; noted behind strong Algerian at first, then atop 
       it later. [Connelly*S-MA]
 567  IRELAND  RTE, Tullamore, AUG 8 0041 - mellow female folk vocal and 
       piano; good. [Connelly*S-MA]
 612  MOROCCO  Sebaa-Aioun, AUG 7 2354 - AA talk at low audio level on 
       fat carrier. [Connelly*S-MA] + AUG 22 0004 - man & woman with news 
       in AA; light audio, monster carrier. [Connelly*D-MA]
 621  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  RNE1 synchros, AUG 21 0200 - SS news; fair 
       to good. [Connelly*O-MA] + AUG 21 2245 - fade-in. [Connelly*D-MA]
 684  SPAIN  RNE1, Sevilla, AUG 22 0012 - // 621 with saxophone jazz; 
       fair with WRKO phased. [Connelly*D-MA]
 693.64  AZORES  RDP, Santa Barbara  AUG 22 0015 - this has drifted a bit 
       off channel and now hets UK & Spain - 693.0.  [Connelly*D-MA] 
     + AUG 26 0132 - noted in passing with typical soft vocal music, 
       still about 640 Hz higher than correct frequency. [Connelly*R-MA]
 702  MOROCCO  RTM, Sebaa-Aioun, AUG 8 0037 - man in AA; poor. 
 711.04  WESTERN SAHARA  Laayoune, AUG 8 0028 - AA talk through WOR slop 
       and 40 Hz growl from 711.00 kHz stations. [Connelly*S-MA] 
     + AUG 21 2248 - AA music noted during pre-sunset fade-up. 
 729  SPAIN  RNE1, Oviedo et al., AUG 8 0027 - bits of SS talk; poor, in 
       CKAC slop. [Connelly*S-MA]
 738  SPAIN  RNE1, Barcelona, AUG 8 0026 - SS talk; getting by slop from 
       WJIB/CHCM mix. [Connelly*S-MA]
 756  GERMANY  DeutschlandRadio, Braunschweig/Ravensburg, AUG 8 0011 - 
       classical music; fading up. 
     + AUG 8 0036 - opera presentation // 549; LOUD ! [Connelly*S-MA]
 765  SENEGAL (no-show): ABSENT whenever checked in July and August. 
       Presumed off-air or on greatly reduced power. [Connelly-MA]
 765  SWITZERLAND  RSR, Sottens, AUG 8 0025 - typical mellow European FF 
       pop hits; fair.  No sign of Senegal at the time. [Connelly*S-MA] 
     + AUG 26 0120 - "lounge" type vocal; poor to fair. [Connelly*R-MA]
 774  SPAIN  RNE1 synchros, AUG 8 0013 - "Monday Monday" by the Mamas & 
       Papas (1966), then fast SS talk by man; good. [Connelly*S-MA] 
     + AUG 22 0021 - fair with vocal // 855. [Connelly*D-MA]
 819  MOROCCO  RTM, Rabat, AUG 8 0017 - pop-style AA vocal; good. 
 836  AZORES  RDP, Pico da Barrosa, AUG 21 2322 - slow PP talk; weaker 
       than Canaries-837. [Connelly*D-MA] NOT noted on AUG 26: maybe 
       silent or back to Canaries-dominated 837 ? [Connelly*R-MA]
 837  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  COPE synchros, AUG 21 2253 - SS vocal; 
       stronger than Azores-836. 
     + AUG 21 2322 - // 882 & 1134 with dramatic SS talk; fair to good. 
 846  ITALY  Rome, AUG 22 0019 - classical music; poor to fair in tight 
       null of nearby powerhouse WEEI-850.  About an hour earlier, when 
       Lesotho-1197 was good, there seemed to be two signals on 846, but 
       the WEEI splash was too intense to let me fish a South African ID 
       out of the muck. [Connelly*D-MA]
 855  SPAIN  RNE1, Murcia et al., AUG 22 0021 - // 774 with romantic 
       soul-influenced SS ballad; fair. [Connelly*D-MA]
 864  EGYPT  Santah, AUG 8 0006 - Koranic vocal; slightly over Spain and 
       a pop AA station (likely Morocco). [Connelly*S-MA]
 882  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  COPE synchros, AUG 21 2254 - SS discussion 
       between man & woman, phone-in followed; excellent signal for this 
       early, WCBS groundwave was easily phased to nothing. 
 891  ALGERIA  Algiers, AUG 8 0007 - AA vocal through bad WBPS splash. 
     + AUG 22 0022 - man in AA, then a group discussion; HUGE, 
       annihilating WBPS. [Connelly*D-MA]
 907.8  GAMBIA (t)  R. Syd, Banjul, AUG 21 2354 - probably this with 
       carrier and audio fragments; in slop. [Connelly*D-MA]
 945  unID African (ANGOLA or SAO TOME) AUG 21 2354 - African music, PP-
       sounding talk; poor with murderous slop from unnullable S9+50 
       melange of WROL/CHER/WPEN/CKNB/WIBX on 950. [Connelly*D-MA] 
 954  SPAIN  R. Espana, Madrid, AUG 26 0055 - folk-rock male vocal; poor, 
       in slop. [Connelly*R-MA]
 981  ALGERIA  Radiodif. Algerienne, Algiers, AUG 21 2256 - man in AA; 
       typical 'wicked big' carrier but thin audio.  [Connelly*D-MA] 
 999  SPAIN  COPE, Madrid, AUG 7 2348 - man in SS; in CKBW slop. 
1008  CANARY ISLANDS  Las Palmas, R. Las Palmas / RadioVoz, AUG 21 2258 - 
       sporting event with excited SS announcer; fair to good with WINS 
       phased. [Connelly*D-MA]
1017  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, AUG 22 0027 - // 621 with emotional vocal; 
       poor, but over others. [Connelly*D-MA]
1026  SPAIN  SER synchros, AUG 21 2352 - // 1179 with SS talk, then 
       interlude of acoustic guitar music; fair. [Connelly*D-MA]
1035  PORTUGAL  R. Nacional, Lisboa, AUG 21 2351 - light music, then PP 
       talk by man; good with WBZ phased. [Connelly*D-MA]
1044  MOROCCO  Sebaa-Aioun, AUG 21 2259 - male AA vocal; good. 
     + AUG 21 2313 - a cappella male AA Koranic vocal; HUGE S9+40 signal 
1044  SPAIN  SER synchros, AUG 7 2344 - "It's All Right" by the 
       Impressions from '63, then man & woman in SS; good. 
1053  MOROCCO  Tanger, AUG 21 2315 - AA male vocal & flute; excellent at 
       S9+30 dB. [Connelly*D-MA]
1053  SPAIN  COPE, Zaragoza / Castellon, AUG 26 0228 - // 837 with fast 
       SS talk by 2 announcers; good. [Connelly*R-MA]
1071  SPAIN  EI, Bilbao, AUG 26 0048 - // 1197 with folk vocal & guitar; 
       poor in CBA slop. [Connelly*R-MA]
1088  ANGOLA  Radio Nacional, Mulenvos, AUG 21 2350 - male group vocal & 
       drumming; better than UK-1089. 
     + AUG 22 0009 - woman in PP; fair. [Connelly*D-MA]
1089  UNITED KINGDOM  Talk Radio synchros, AUG 26 0229 - black-accented 
       woman on phone mentioned something about going to North Carolina; 
       fair with WBAL phased. [Connelly*R-MA]  
1098  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, AUG 21 2348 - // 621 with SS man & woman; 
       good, over low hum. [Connelly*D-MA]
1107  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, AUG 26 0028 - "Fever" by Peggy Lee, // to 
       stronger 1098 & 1152. [Connelly*R-MA]
1116  SPAIN  SER synchros, AUG 25 2352 - // 1179 with SS teletalk; fair. 
1125  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, AUG 21 2320 - acoustic guitar, then SS talk 
       by woman. [Connelly*D-MA] 
     + AUG 26 0050 - // 1107 with deep-voiced male announcer, then light 
       music; to fair peak over rumble. [Connelly*R-MA]
1134  CROATIA  HR, Zadar, AUG 26 0232 - Alpine style music on an old-
       fashioned player piano; good, over Spain. [Connelly*R-MA]
1134  SPAIN  COPE synchros, AUG 21 2319 - // 882 with fast SS talk by 
       man; good. [Connelly*D-MA]
1143  SPAIN  COPE synchros, AUG 25 2355 - SS talk by man & woman, 
       telephone numbers given; very good. [Connelly*R-MA]
1152  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, AUG 21 2346 - // 621 with man & woman in SS 
       mentioning Cuba; good with WAMG-1150 Boston phased. 
1179  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  SER synchros, AUG 8 0002 - // 1044 with SS 
       teletalk; good. [Connelly*S-MA] 
     + AUG 21 0141 - woman hosting SS teletalk show; loud. 
     + AUG 21 2325 - // 1575 with folk group vocal, then SS talk; good. 
     + AUG 21 2344 - SS talk by woman, into saxophone jazz; local-like. 
1197  LESOTHO  BBC relay, Lancer's Gap, AUG 21 0140 - // 5975 with EE 
       talk about political dissidents in China; fair to good with 
       WKOX/WTLA in cardioid array phase null. [Connelly*O-MA]
     + AUG 21 2305 - // 5975 & 6175 with historical drama (possibly about 
       Jewish immigrants in the US in the early 1900's): violin music was 
       played and a US-accented male actor mentioned getting a job at 
       Wanamaker's department store; good with WKOX phased. 
1197  SPAIN  EI, Vitoria, AUG 26 0048 - // 1071 with uptempo folk-style 
       vocal; poor to fair over others. [Connelly*R-MA]
1215  SPAIN  COPE synchros, AUG 21 2343 - // 1134 with SS talk by 2 men; 
       fair, over two others. [Connelly*D-MA] 
     + AUG 26 0051 - SS teletalk with man & woman; very good. 
1224  SPAIN  COPE synchros, AUG 21 2341 - // 1134 with bits of SS talk; 
       poor to fair. [Connelly*D-MA]
1233.6  unID  AUG 21 2307 - weak het against the jumble of signals on 
       1233. [Connelly*D-MA]
1251  LIBYA  Tripoli, AUG 21 0121 - AA talk; to fair peak. 
     + AUG 21 2339 - AA vocal mixed with unID teletalker (Portugal ?) 
1296  SPAIN  COPE, Valencia, AUG 21 0124 - woman in SS; over other 
       station that was likely R. XL, UK. [Connelly*O-MA]
1296  SUDAN  Reba, AUG 21 0255 - repeated 11 or 12 note interval signal; 
     + AUG 21 0302 - AA news by man. [Connelly*O-MA] 
     + AUG 26 0255 - interval signal; poor to fair, mixing with Spain / 
       others. [Connelly*R-MA]
1305  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, AUG 21 2336 - // 621 with plaintive male 
       vocal; fair over rumble. [Connelly*D-MA]
1359  SPAIN  Arganda, AUG 21 0126 - SS talk; through slop.
     + AUG 21 0243 - percussion, then fast SS talk by man & woman; now 
       good. [Connelly*O-MA]
1422  GERMANY  DeutschlandRadio, Heusweiler, AUG 26 0235 - classical 
       music; fair. [Connelly*R-MA]
1521  SAUDI ARABIA  BSKSA, Duba, AUG 21 0300 - man in AA; to good peak 
       with WWKB phased. [Connelly*O-MA]
1530  SAO TOME E PRINCIPE  VOA Relay, Pinheira, AUG 21 0301 - "This is 
       VOA News."; briefly dominant over WSAI and others. 
1548  UNITED KINGDOM  BBC R. Bristol, Bristol, AUG 26 0250 - BBC EE talk 
       // 5975; poor, mixed with unID music station.  [Connelly*R-MA]
1550  ALGERIA  RASD Clandestine, Tindouf, AUG 7 2357 - AA or Berber 
       female a cappella blues-like singing & shouting; over unID 
       nostalgia domestic and VOA-1548 het. [Connelly*S-MA]
     + AUG 21 2310 - AA news by man; over/under daytimer WNTN.
1575  SPAIN  SER synchros, AUG 21 2325 - // 1179 with folk vocal, SS 
       talk; poor to fair, over AA-sounding station. [Connelly*O-MA]
1583.6  CEUTA  RadiOle, AUG 21 0132 - vocal of "Maria Elena" (a hit in 
       the US as an instrumental in 1963); strong, much better than SER-
       1584. [Connelly*O-MA] 
     + AUG 21 2326 - emotional SS female vocal & guitar; KILLER signal 
       with 1584 only noted as a weak background het. [Connelly*D-MA]


 530  TURKS & CAICOS  R. Vision Cristiana, AUG 7 0237 - doing a PP 
       religious program at this time instead of usual SS.  Huge local-
       like signal. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 535  GRENADA  GBC, St. George's, AUG 7 0232 - romantic vocal, then EE 
       talk; poor. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 550  VENEZUELA  Mundial, YVKE, Caracas, AUG 21 0207 - festive music, 
       Mundial and Caracas mentions; in jumble and badly hetted by 
       Algeria-549. [Connelly*O-MA]
 555  ST. KITTS & NEVIS  ZIZ, Basseterre, AUG 7 0235 - soul / reggae 
       vocal; to fair peak through WGAN splash. [Connelly*Y-MA]
     + AUG 21 0201 - announcer "This comes to you from Common Ground.", 
       religious soca and gospel music followed, names of listeners were 
       read over the music; excellent signal. [Connelly*O-MA]   
 600  CUBA  R. Rebelde, CMKV, Urbano Noris, AUG 7 0110 - loud & dominant 
       with SS sporting event // 710. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 609.5  unID (probably Cuban Rebelde drifter), AUG 7 0240 - het against 
       WGIR/CHNC/WIP/WIOD mess. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 620  CUBA  R. Rebelde, Colon / Moa, AUG 7 0228 - // 670 with "Another 
       One Bites the Dust" by Queen; slightly over others. 
 630  PUERTO RICO  WSKN, San Juan, AUG 7 0227 - Cadena jingle, SS 
       newstalk; to good peak over WPRO/CFCY/CHLT/YVKA mess. 
 640  CUBA  R. Progreso, Guanabacoa / Las Tunas, AUG 7 0226 - // 890 with 
       SS radio drama with car sounds, then a scratchy simulated newscast 
       on the radio in the actor's car; loud /dominant. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 640  GUADELOUPE  RFO, Pointe-a-Pitre, AUG 22 0008 - excited Creole FF 
       talk by man (probably sports); briefly over a mix of CBN, YVQO, & 
       unID US station (WWJZ or WNNZ). [Connelly*D-MA]
 640  VENEZUELA  Union R., YVQO, Puerto La Cruz, AUG 26 0107 - Union 
       Radio ID, SS talk; over others. [Connelly*R-MA]
 650  COLOMBIA  RCN Antena Dos, HJKH, Bogota, AUG 7 0105 - Antena Dos 
       Colombia ID, SS sportstalk, ad for Agua Cristal bottled water. 
 670  CUBA  R. Rebelde, CMQ, Arroyo Arenas, AUG 7 0224 - // 710 with "We 
       Will Rock You" by Queen; LOUD. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 670  VENEZUELA  R. Rumbos, YVLL, Caracas, AUG 21 0212 - SS advert for 
       business in Caracas, phone numbers given; good. [Connelly*O-MA]  
 680  PUERTO RICO  WAPA, San Juan, AUG 7 0220 - woman with SS phone-in 
       show, San Juan local mentions; strong, almost equal to WRKO.  A 
       third signal, probably Cuba, was well under the WAPA/WRKO mix. 
 690  ANGUILLA  Caribbean Beacon, The Valley, AUG 7 0111 - Gene Scott 
       preaching; over Colombia. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 700  BRAZIL  (probably) ZYK686, Sao Paulo, AUG 7 0219 - PP talk in mix 
       with Colombia / Jamaica / Venezuela. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 700  JAMAICA  RJR, Montego Bay, AUG 7 0241 - soca & reggae music, then 
       Carib-EE man talking; mixed with SS Latin Americans. 
     + AUG 26 0240 - Carib-EE local sports report; good. [Connelly*R-MA]
 705  ST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES  Kingstown, AUG 21 0157 - talkshow 
       about local government departments; to good peak. [Connelly*O-MA]
 710  CUBA  R. Rebelde synchros, AUG 7 0110 - // 600 with Cuban sporting 
       event in SS; mixed with WOR. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 720  VENEZUELA  R. Oriente, YVQE, Porlamar, AUG 26 0141 - SS talk with 
       Oriente and local place name mentions, then a woman started 
       screaming frantically (not sure if sports, politics, or religion); 
       through CHTN. [Connelly*R-MA]
 740  BRAZIL (t)  possibly R. Sociedade da Bahia, ZYH446, Salvador, AUG 
       21 0217 - preaching with "hallelujahs", seemed PP instead of SS; 
       in and out of jumble. [Connelly*O-MA]
 740  PUERTO RICO (t)  WIAC, San Juan, AUG 7 0214 - advertising mentioned 
       "en Puerto Rico !"; in mess. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 750  VENEZUELA  RCR, YVKS, Caracas, AUG 7 0116 - Venezuelan supermarket 
       chain advert, frenzied sports promotion; slightly over others. 
 760  COLOMBIA  RCN, HJAJ, Barranquilla, AUG 7 0211 - // 770 with man in 
       SS with news about Colombian governmental and political topics; 
       slightly over growl from Reloj Cuban. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 760  GUYANA  R. Roraima, 8RG, Georgetown, AUG 21 0218 - Afro-Caribbean 
       accented EE talk by woman; poor, in deep stew with Brazil, 
       Colombia, Venezuela, and Cuba. [Connelly*O-MA]
 770  COLOMBIA  RCN, HJJX, Bogota, AUG 7 0211 - // 760 with SS news about 
       Colombian government; under WABC. [Connelly*Y-MA] 
 780  BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS  ZBVI, Roadtown, Tortola, AUG 21 0153 - 
       Carib-EE male announcer using reverb, then a soca vocal with 
       refrain "Save that for a rainy day."; over SS Latin Americans. 
 780  VENEZUELA  R. Coro, YVMN, Coro, AUG 7 0118 - nice R. Coro jingle, 
       then spoken ID's; blasting in. [Connelly*Y-MA] 
 800  NETHERLANDS ANTILLES  Trans-World Radio, PJB, Bonaire, AUG 7 0210 - 
       southern US preacher; slightly over Canadians & WCCM. 
 810  PUERTO RICO  WKVM, San Juan, AUG 21 2358 - several ads for Puerto 
       Rican firms, SS WKVM jingle, slogan "la frecuencia nacional de 
       Puerto Rico", then into "enamorados" romantic-music show with SS 
       vocals and soft jazz; excellent / dominant. [Connelly*D-MA]
 820  unID  AUG 7 0244 - rough AC growl signal pestering WNYC. Not sure 
       if Cuban or slightly-off-channel R. Guadalupana (YVXG). 
 870  CUBA  R. Reloj, unknown site, AUG 7 0259 - bits of talk and "RR" 
       beeps audible through WLAM/WWL/HJSB jumble. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 890  CUBA  R. Progreso, CMDZ, Santiago de Cuba, AUG 7 0226 - // 640 with 
       soap-opera-like SS radio drama; over WBPS. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 895  ST. KITTS & NEVIS  VON, Bath Village, AUG 7 0121 - Carib-EE talk by 
       woman; poor to fair. [Connelly*Y-MA] 
 940  CUBA  R. Reloj, AUG 26 0136 - usual SS news, "RR" beeps; mixing 
       with apparent Puerto Rico and others. [Connelly*R-MA]
 940  unID  AUG 7 0130 - classical music, then SS talk; briefly good, 
       then into the muck before ID time.  The audio was somewhat muffled 
       like that of previously-ID'ed Fe y Alegria (YVLU), so it was 
       probably they. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 940  VENEZUELA  R. Punto Fijo, YVNN, Punto Fijo, AUG 7 0124 - R. Punto 
       Fijo ID; mixed with unID classical music station. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 960  CUBA  R. Reloj, AUG 7 0206 - R. Reloj SS news and ticker; dominant. 
1000  COLOMBIA  RCN, HJAQ, Cartagena, AUG 7 0155 - RCN ID, SS talk; mixed 
       with CKBW C&W music. [Connelly*Y-MA] 
     + AUG 26 0135 - // 760 with fast SS talk about Santa Marta; mixed 
       with CKBW. [Connelly*R-MA}
1010  unID  AUG 21 2257 - probably Fortaleza, Brazil with PP-sounding 
       audio about even with WINS when the cardioid array was adjusted 
       for a null towards New York. QRM from Canaries-1008. 
1020  VENEZUELA  R. Margarita, YVRS, La Asuncion,  AUG 7 0134 - "Mundial 
       Margarita" mention, followed by party music; way over KDKA and a 
       second Latin American. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1039.61  VENEZUELA  La Voz de Carabobo, YVLB, Valencia, AUG 7 0248 - 
       finally an ID on this chronically-off-channel station: La Voz de 
       Carabobo ID was sliced away from the big Latin American pile-up on 
       1040.  Domestics (CJMS, WJHR, WHO, WSKE, WYFX) were absent during 
       the semi-auroral conditions. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1090  COLOMBIA  CARACOL, Cucuta/Sogamoso, AUG 7 0203 - man & woman with 
       SS news // 1170; over/under WBAL. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1100  ANTIGUA  R. ZDK, St. John's, AUG 7 0159 - reggae / calypso EE 
       vocal; slightly over HJAT/WTAM/ZYK694 pile-up. [Connelly*Y-MA] 
     + AUG 21 0143 - reverberated Caribbean EE talk; over others. 
1110  VENEZUELA  R. Carupano, YVQT, Carupano, AUG 21 2347 - local phone 
       numbers in SS, then nice clear R. Carupano ID; well over several 
       domestics. [Connelly*D-MA]
1140  VENEZUELA  La Voz del Caribe, Porlamar, AUG 26 0012 - SS talk with 
       several Porlamar mentions; good, over other. [Connelly*R-MA]
1170  COLOMBIA  CARACOL, HJNW, Cartagena, AUG 7 0158 - SS talk about 
       doctors, then CARACOL ID; loud, way over WWVA. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1180  CUBA  R. Rebelde, AUG 7 0137 - SS sporting event, R. Rebelde ID; 
       loud, mowing down WHAM. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1375.02  ST. PIERRE ET MIQUELON  RFO, AUG 21 0127 - classical music. 
1610  ANGUILLA  Caribbean Beacon, The Valley, AUG 7 0142 - rambling EE 
       talk, preaching mentioning ancient Babylon.  [Connelly*Y-MA]




**Pete Taylor - Tacoma WA - taytac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I previously reported an UNID on 1700kHz heard briefly at 9:10am CDT on 
8/7 consisting of "On the Road Again" by guitarist Chet Atkins.

It has been identified thusly by Paul Ormandy of NZ:
KBGG runs a program called "On the Road" .... it's a motoring show and 
uses the song you heard (thought it was Willie Nelson, but then I'm no 
C&W fan!)... often heard here in NZ.
It was in and out very fast so perhaps I heard an instrumental bridge 
between Willie's words.  However, the guitar did sound like Chet Atkins's 

In any case, thanks Paul and all others who responded.




Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

 530 WTFJ508 CA, REDDING TIS QSL via ppc w/Caltrans seal. Address: Cal 
       Trans, Dept. of Transportation, Office of Radio Communications 
       MS77, P.O. Box 942874, Sacramento  CA  94274-0001. V/S: John 
       Shmidt-Eng. Rec in 40d. (PM-OR)
1610 KNEC996 CA, SACRAMENTO, TIS QSL rec via ppc w/CalTrans seal. 
       Address: Cal Trans, Dept. of Transportation, Office of Radio 
       Communications MS77, P.O. Box 942874, Sacramento CA  94274-0001. 
       V/S: John Shmidt-Eng. Rec. in 40d. (PM-OR)


Terry Palmersheim - Kirkland WA - kc7ldp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 980  CKNW  BC, Vancouver, f/d letter in 1 mo. V/s: Noeleen Khoury, Prog. 
1200  CKXM  BC, Victoria, f/d letter w/ stickers in 1 mo. V/s: Kellie-Ann 
       Webb, Receptionist   




Leonard Hyde - Weed CA - bigl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wouldn't help, Paul. Cable TV RFI is pervasive. The source of it is the 
15.7 kHz horizontal oscillator in the set itself. This oscillator is 
powerful and strong in harmonics. The signal is picked up by the cable 
drop, and radiated back through the system. Picture dozens of TVs on at 
the same time, each one radiating this signal, on slightly different 
freqs, all bating against one another, and you see why cable TV is such a 

If you live in town or even in a suburban neighberhood, the cable TV main 
and drops to your neighbor's houses will radiate enough to screw up your 

Try living in apartsments! I have markers up past 21 Mhz! The only escape 
for me is the remote site. Fortunately up in here Northern CA, I have 
plenty of space and opportunity for that.


Paul Ormandy - paulorm@xxxxxxxx

Two new articles on my web-site...

"The History of HCJB's 690kHz DX-tests" written by Rich McVicar

"DXing the USA on MW" - a New Zealand perspective


Mark Connelly - WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Boston Area DXers Rockport, MA DXpedition pictures are on the Web.

Go to " http://member.aol.com/DrakeR8A/badxph99.htm " and enjoy.



Wed 2100 WBCQ 7415
Thu 2030 WWCR 15685
Fri 1930 RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Sat 0330 RFPI 15049 6975
Sat 1130 RFPI 15049 6975
Sat 1130 WWCR 12160
Sat 1800 RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Sun 0200 RFPI 21460-USB 15049 6975
Sun 0230 WWCR 5070
Sun 0630 WWCR 5070
Sun 1000 RFPI 15049 6975
Sun 2300 RFPI 21460-USB 15049 6975
Mon 0500 WWCR 3210
Mon 0700 RFPI 15049 6975
Tue 1230 WWCR 15685
Tue 1900 RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Wed 0300 RFPI 15049 6975
Wed 1100 RFPI 15049

For full schedules of WOR on all stations, and of all our other 
broadcasts, Continent of Media, and Mundo Radial, see 

WORLD OF RADIO 1000. This commemorative edition includes greetings, some 
taped, from listeners and colleagues, fun and serious See 
http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/Wor1000.html for summary; Audio 
stored at http://www.wrn.org/ondemand/

Glenn Hauser Interview on CKUT

For those who may have missed it, I have the interview with Glenn Hauser 
on The International Radio Report with Sheldon Harvey and Bill 
Westenhaver via CKUT recorded Sunday Aug 22, 1999 posted on my web page 
in Real Audio. This was regarding Glenns 1000th broadcast of World of 
Radio. http://www.n1dk.com 73, (Dave Kirby N1DK) Thanks, Dave!

Glenn Hauser Interview on RFPI Mailbag, the week of August 27:

Fri 2030, Sat 0430, 1230, 1830, Sun 0230, 1030, Tue 1930, Wed 0330, 1130, 
Wed 1700, Thu 0100, 0900. On 6975 0000-0800 (-1200 Sat/Sun/Mon); 15049 24 
hours; 21460-USB 1200-0300. Also will be archived on the RFPI website 
like all Mailbags: http://www.rfpi.org/webcast.html

Glenn Hauser Interview on VOA Communications World, week of Aug 28:

See http://www.trsc.com/cw for extensive schedule. On VOA itself this 
will be on the "B" segment; included via WWCR UT Sun 0200 on 5070, Mon 
0530 on 3210, Thu 1230 on 15685. Archived at http://www.wrn.org/ondemand/

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 99-06. A new edition was produced and sent to RFPI and 
http://www.DXing.com Aug 24 and should become available early in 
September. For topic summary see 


END of 8/26/99 IRCA's "AM DX NewsFlash"
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