[HCDX]: Ernie Behr's SW DX Report
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[HCDX]: Ernie Behr's SW DX Report

        ERNIE BEHR'S SHORTWAVE DX REPORT, August 23, 1999 from
        Kenora, Ontario (via Glenn Hauser, who retyped P-mail)

[credit each item to Ernie Behr, Ont., via Hauser]

BRAZIL. Station on 9565 & 6060 now identifies as "Radio Tupi", not
R. Universo; hrd Aug 11 at 0628 w/new ID, long PT newscast, 0655
music; next day from 0100 w/new ID & relig sermon; still anncg old
callsigns ZYE727 & 726, but new ID is "Radio Tupi de ...", followed
by a long name which was unreadable.

BRAZIL. Station on 6175 is R. Nacional da Amazonia, *not* Rio as
mentioned on WOR recently; hrd Aug 19 from 2300 w/PT news & ID, when
BBC was off for about 7 minutes; later mixed w/BBC until Amazonia
s/off at 2400*; //11780 much stronger.

BRAZIL. R. Nova Visao, 11705, from 2330 PT relig pgm from R. 
Transmundial until 2400 R. Japan s/on; also hrd w/very weak sig on 
//9529.9, Aug 16.

BRAZIL. Sistema LBV, Pto Alegre, on 11895.2, from 0100 PT relig pgm 
to 0400 RFE s/on; fair since Aug 10.

CANADA. CHNX Halifax on 6130 USB, from 0630 w/pop music & ID; good,
clear sig Aug 12; I wonder if this is still 50 watts.

IRAN. VoIRI on 15165, from *2128 Arabic pgm to 0130*v; very strong
since Aug 1; is this a new AR svc? Farsi pgm at 2000 is now on 15084.9
after many decades on 15084.

unID. 12020, hrd daily at *2100-2220* w/Arabic relig pgm, not Islamic,
anncg Marseilles addr in French at 2228; vy strong since Aug 1.

unID. 6146.7v, hrd only Aug 4 UT from 0100 w/non-stop African hilife
music, no anncmts, drifting down to 6145.9 by 0200 f/out; vy unusual
time for an African, and never hrd again.

unID. 5040.05, hrd only Aug 10 UT from 0600 w/LAm pop songs past 0700, 
no anncmts; strongest sig on the band, equal to WWCR, but never hrd
again; some years ago, Voz del Upano was on this exact fqcy, but never
hrd at this hour. I would appreciate some help with these unIDs.
[gh will forward to Ernie]

Had nothing to report for the last 6 months, since my R-5000 receiver
broke down and I was only using a YB-400. Had to ship the R-5000 to
Toronto and it took 6 months to get the parts from Kenwood.

I don't think I've ever missed a World of Radio broadcast, and I will 
be listening to No. 1000 this week. Congratulations, and I hope both
of us will be around for many more years. 73,

Ernie Behr, Kenora, Ontario

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