[HCDX]: The Sceam of the Butterfly
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[HCDX]: The Sceam of the Butterfly


here are the latest news of the The Scream of the Butterfly transmissions:

"Dear listeners,
normally I would not send a form letter in reply of the nice personal
letters and reception reports that are sent to me, but I thought it was
important to get all of the QSL cards in the mail before I begin the next
phase of The Scream of the Butterfly.
You are among the listeners who will receive THE LAST QSLs from the Scream
of the Butterfly as a pirate station. We are very pleased to announce that
beginning in September our program will be carried on Radio Miami
International every month. We hope reception will be good for those who have
enjoyed our programs in the past, ant that we will make many new friends as
well. We also hope to expand our schedule to semi-weekly or weekly programs
by the new year.
We enjoy doing the program, but have been frustrated by the realities of
pirate radio: transmissions are unscheduled, coverage can be very unreliable
and of course, we are exposing our relay stations to risk of a bust with
every boradcast. I would like very much to reach more people with the
program; I believe it is creative and entertaining and worthy of a larger
audience. I am willing to pay for that privilege; the show is being aired at
my expense. Hopefully I can create a revenue stream to justify my faith in
the show.
I am very excited about this new program, and I have many interesting ideas
for the shows that you will hear in the coming months. I hope you will
continue to listen, and send reception reports.
My sincere best wishes to all for health, happiness, peace and good DX!

Johnny Rockin´

Here is our schedule:
Sunday, September 05th 04.00 UTC WRMI 7465 kHz
Sunday, October 3rd    04.00 UTC WRMI 7465 kHz
Sunday, November 7     04.00 UTC WRMI 7465 kHz

Our new mailing address, effective immediatly, is:
The Scream of the Butterfly
P.O. Box 1994
Rancho Cordova, CA 95741-1994

eMail: johnnyrockin@xxxxxxxxxxx
web page URL: http://geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Garage/9861 "

73 and have a nice week,

Klaus Köhler
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