Re: [HCDX]: The Sceam of the Butterfly
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Re: [HCDX]: The Sceam of the Butterfly

The attached is an interesting notice about a pirate station going legit.  
He's been operating as a pirate on 695 USB for a while, and has been using a 
rather powerful transmitter.  Most pirates use 50 or 100 watts, I've seen 
reports that this guy was using as much as 17 kilowatts of power.  Might be 
worth a listen when he's on WRMI (if the Cubans aren't jamming).

With earlier sunsets, and improving reception, 6955 has been very active 
lately, usually 2200 to 0400 UTC.  Also, try listening both AM and USB, for 
some reason, at low power like these guys use, you can't hear a USB 
transmission "garbled" on AM like you normally would. 

Hope all is well, if you get a chance, check out Fair Radio Sales on line and 
request a catalog.  There is some very neat stuff there for sale. 

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