[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings

Hello from the sunny Netherlands!


15244.4, RTV Nat. Congolaise; Kinshasa, 29/8, 1829, Nice signal, before they
pulled the plug a few seconds after I started listening. Heard Afro music
and piece of male announcement in French. 34444 (Veldhuis)


3365, AIR; Delhi, 29/8, 1727-1732, Opera music with high female vocals,
short announcement in English, piano music, "This is Delhi", TS, female
speaker with "All india Radio" ID and news in English. // several other
frequencies in the 90 and 60 meterband. 24343 (Veldhuis)


6055, RadiO Rwanda; Kigali, 29/8, 1742-1758. Regular during Slovakia's
transmitterbreak between 1727 and appr. 1800 UTC. Strong signal today,
44444. Fanfare music, male speakers in vernaculr. Rwanda was regularly
mentioned. Slovakia spoiled the fun at 1757 UTC with IS and ID's in English
and German. (Veldhuis)


3200, TWR; Mpangela Ranch, 29/8, 1802-1818, Choir, religious talk by male in
English. At 1815 TWR jingle, followed by short female announcement. Then
another religious program with choir and male talk in English. 24332, slowly
increasing in strength. (Veldhuis)

Mark Veldhuis

AOR AR7030
20 meter longwire.
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