[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings



5990.5, Radio Ethiopia; Gedja, 22/8, 1728-1740, Female speaker in
vernacular, music bridges. At 1737 male speaker. 24443. // 7110 and 9704.2
kHz. also heard with almost same signal strength, but more interference.


4800, LNBS; Maseru, 22/8, 1807-1830, Religious talk by male in vernacular,
gospel songs. 24343 at first, building up to 34444, and rapidly getting
weaker again after a few minutes (I'm not a propagation specialist, so could
anyone tell me if this is the effect of the gray-line? See also my logging
of Madagascar, station got weaker while I was listening.). (Veldhuis)


5009.5, RTV Malagasy; Antananarivo, 22/8, 1743-1801, Talk by several males
in Malagasy. At 1747 instrumental song, followed by house-music! Then short
announcement and nice Afropop. Nice signal at first, 34444. But after appr.
1750 getting weaker with more fading. (Veldhuis)


5005.3, Radio Nepal; Khumaltar, 21/8, 1653, Presuemd this one with very weak
signal on almost clear channel. Music, female talk, followed by male chants.
Too weak for more details, but nice to hear the Asians come in earlier again
as fall slowly approaches. (Veldhuis)

Best 73',
Mark Veldhuis, the Netherlands.
AOR AR7030;
20 meter longwire.
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