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[HCDX]: tfw 94 4/4

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright   Part 4
Year   4  Number 94  - Rome, 1 September 1999

RUSSIA- Subject: test transmissions from St. Petersburg. Our Centre of
broadcasting and radio communications no.2 (former GPR-2) will carry out
two special test transmissions to one of our clients this weekend. Here
is the schedule:  Saturday, August 21 19.30-20.00 UTC on 7330 and 12040
kHz --- Sunday, August 22  10.00-10.30 UTC on 15230 and 17610 kHz.
Transmitter power on each frequency is 200 kW, antennas: curtain ones.
The frequencies in the 7 and 15 MHz are to Western Europe and in the 12
and 17 MHz to Central and South-East Europe. We suppose it will be also
possible to hear our signals in some other parts of the world, such as
North-West Africa,  South America or Australia.  We will relay a program
of our local FM radiostation called Radio Gardarika (they broadcast on
69.05 and 102.4 MHz here at St. Petersburg).  We will be very glad to
receive any reception reports or any other  technical comments about
these  transmissions from various parts of the world. We are especially
interested in comments regarding the audio/modulation quality of our
transmitters. Please send your reports BY E-MAIL ONLY to the following
address:<  pcd00342@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx >  Unfortunately, we will be able to
verify your reports ONLY BY E-MAIL with a Radio Gardarika QSL letter in
English as a Microsoft Word 97  file.  I hope this information will be
interesting for you. Thank you in advance for any help. (Mikhail
Timofeyev, St. Petersburg, Russia, WORLD OF RADIO Extra 31 and REVIEW OF

TAIWAN- Regarding your Edition # 999 and the item concerning Radio
Taipei International relayed via Merlin U.K. I have located the English
broadcast and have been listening in for the past week or so. Excellent
reception on 3955 kHz 1800-1900 UT. Unfortunately  there is slight
distortion on the audio (as is the case with German on 6175 kHz at
1900). Could be due to a feed via Internet rather than by satellite.
(Alan F. Holder, Cowes, Isle of Wight, U.K., Aug 13, WORLD OF RADIO
Extra 31/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-35, August 19)

TURKEY- V. of Turkey English frequencies as anounced at closing 0350 Aug
22 on 11655: 1830 13695 11765; 2030 7170; 2200 7190  13640; 0300 11655
21715 7270. BTW, the fortnightly DX corner was on this Sat (Glenn
99-36, Aug 26)

U K O G B A N I- [non]. Following up our previous GERMANY report of
August 8, rechecked BBC Antigua 17840 Tuesday August 10 at 1457-1510,
and found no trace of Portuguese co-channel, so perhaps it was a one-
time punch-up error (standard rant about why are there so many
operational mistakes at SW stations?). But BBC had a one-minute
transmission break at 1459, and about three minutes of dead air at
1500-1503 (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-34, August 12)

U S A- Glenn -- Thanks for bringing to my attention the fact that our
program schedule had disappeared from the web page. I don't know  why
that happened, but I just put it back on and checked it out; it seems to
be OK now. I agree that the internal link situation is frustrating, but
xoom seems to do it that way. At least I haven't found a way to get
around it. (Jeff White, WRMI, Aug 21 / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-36, Aug
26) --- Revived scedule at < http://members.xoom.com/wrmi > shows
additional times for 7465, which I could barely confirm in the
afternoon: M-F  2100-2200 and Tu-Sat 0100-0200, both for Republic Radio
International; also, on UT Mon only, after 7465 at 0330-0400, goes back
to 9955 at 0400-0500 for La Nueva Voz de Cuba. R. Prague relays are
still on the schedule, tho we can't hear them, daily at 0200-0330  on
9955 in Spanish, Czech and English respectively (Glenn Hauser, REVIEW OF

U S A- Spectrum on WWCR: Lately I had assumed it was on another hiatus
since News was coming up following WOR at 0300 UT Sun  on  5070; but I
stuck with it Aug 22, at at 0306:30 Spectrum opened, now on the "Liberty
Watch" (?) network. It appears this program has continuing connexions
with far right groups (Glenn Hauser, REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL

U S A- WGTG on 12170-USB ex-12180, Aug 25 at 1925 (George Thurman / GH
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-36, Aug 26)  ---  // 9400, yawn (Glenn Hauser,

U S A- Glenn, let us know, how you communicate with WGTG, please. 73,
(Uwe Volk, hard-core-dx) --- I pulled WOR off WGTG at the  end of last
year, despite the time being donated, since they were extremely
unreliable in airing it as scheduled. E-mail < wgtg@xxxxxxxxxxx >no
longer works, nor does website < http://www.wgtg.com >-- so I have no
idea how to contact them now, webwise (Glenn Hauser, hard-core-dx/ GH

U S A- Caught AWWW this week on WBCQ, UT Sat Aug 21 at 0000 on 7415: the
significant program info: New show starting Aug 27  is "Pagan
Potpourri", with Helen and Roger. Helen called in to plug it, apparently
a new show she is starting. (This will no doubt give ammo to those on
rec.radio.sw who think Allan is bewitched by Elayne...). Helen said it
would be "just before AWWW", i.e. 2330-2400, but at least three times
AHW gave the time as 5:30-6 pm ET, i.e. 2130-2200. Will include music
not heard on commercial radio; nature-oriented, spirituality, in time
with seasons, holidays. She is very open to contributions from
listeners, suggestions about content, even  tapes; not a serious show,
with humor. And went on to explain how pagans are nice people, not
devil-worshipers, child-sacrificers.  Originates in Milwaukee. Later
Allan said Fred Flintstone Music Show is leaving Saturday night slot --
good time now for sale starting  Aug 28, 11 pm-midnight ET - for Friday
6-7 pm ET (2200-2300 UT) (Glenn Hauser, REVIEW OF  INTERNATIONAL

U S A- Replacing the Saturday 1930 airing of World of Radio on WWCR- 3
12160, from August 21 is a program which had been  pending for some
time, "Northern Frontiers", about Canadian history, current events,
culture, agriculture, entertainment; not religious.  With George Balogh
(BAY-low). This is the only timing for it so far, paired with another
foreign show preceding, RTE (Dawn, WWCR,  Aug 23, REVIEW OF

U S A- Re: Off The Hook The "fiasco" with OTH was NOT our doing; they
have a dial up phone feed set to WBAI in New York which was set to
another station that day by accident. Our operator Tom did not know
this, hence the problem. So, we have dozens of programs per week, one
operator, therefore sometimes a glich. (Allan H. Weiner, WBCQ) --- As I
replied to AHW - Fine; not surprised it was  something like that. Note I
did not assign blame for the fiasco (Hauser/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-35, August 19) ----- (Very interesting to note that FIASCO is an
Italian word. The  " fiasco " is a typical Italian bottle of glass, but
the word means " flop, failure etc.  too ! Giovanni Serra, Ed. )

U S A- Note that the Jew-hating 'Yahweh' preacher with his retired
military cohort have disappeared from WGTG (5085 - sometimes SSB).
Claims those who call themselves Jews not the real Jews: instead it's us
Euros who really are. The manifesto left by the synagogue burners in CA
word for word with the utterances heard on this program. Haven't checked
to see if still on the nut-case radio net on sat (G7/14 7.70) (Loren
REPORT 99-35, August 19)

U S A- KWRR -- Wind River Reservation, Wyoming Early in August I was
travelling thru central Wyoming, and came upon this station on 89.5 late
one afternoon playing Indian music; then went into an hour of classic
rock, as announced. Listed in old FM Atlas as 100 kW, and penetrated
some distance to the west, but inaudible later in nearby Lander --
evidently off the air, at least this day, between about 10 pm and 11 am
MDT. Location is Ethete, pronounced, I believe EE-the-tee, with the 'th'
not vocalized, which is off the main road;  construction discouraged me
from making a side trip. Whenever the mike was open there was a constant
high level of background noise (Glenn Hauser, WY, REVIEW OF

U S A- KPBC Garland TX on 2310 kHz ?  A few weeks ago Bill Smith in TX
asked me to check whether this Metroplex station was audible in Enid on
3 x 770 = 2310 where he has been hearing it locally. I was away at the
time, but finally checked Aug 19 at 1100, usually the prime hour for 2
MHz harmonic propagation, and there was no sign of it. Why is 1100
prime? 6 am local is when day  facilities take over from night, whilst
darkness propagation remain here (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH SHORTWAVE/DX
REPORT 99-35, August 19)

U S A- Scanning the 31mb at 1750 UT Aug 9, the best signal above 9500
was VOA on 9770, with Talk to America. Original A99 IBB frequency sked
says this is 250 kW Philippines beamed 21 degrees, right toward us, but
surprisingly propagating this well in summer  daylight, 1150 LMT. At
1755 UT went to "International Public Service Announcement"  about a
woman in Florida who had abducted her two children, complete with
descriptions of all three. Is this a regular fugitive-alert spot on VOA?
You know you've made it when VOA is on your worldwide trail ! Strangely,
gave 1-800 number to call -- remember the fuss the FCC once made about
such numbers being given on WWCR tho for domestic use only ? But VOA
still maintains the fiction that it's for external comsumption only
(Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-34, August 12)

U S A- Tho it supposedly started a few weeks ago, Aug 11 was the first
chance I had to check out "Off the Hook" on WBCQ, UT Wed 0000 on 7415 --
only to find a series of fiascos: Al Weiner promo tape of prime time
available M-F 5:30-7 pm EDT; phone 207-985-7547 or <wbcq@xxxxxxx >;
music instead of talk; 0005 op announced that OTH had a technical delay;
0008:30 supposed to join it late, but it was music with IDs as "Star
99.9", DJ reading love note to Jennifer from Silly Goose; 0011 WBCQ op
announced it wasn't OTH, but kept with the wrong feed anyway, and 0015
another Star 99.9 ID which per the old FM Atlas XVII is WEZN Bridgeport
CT. 0018 cut to talk program, maybe really OTH, about what it's like in
prison. At 0021 audio started fading into noise, and was nothing but
noise by  0024 when WBCQ finally dumped out of it with another apology,
replay of AW time for sale promo, 0026 WBCQ playing own music fill with
Verve and rock music fill continued until B.S. at 0100 (Glenn Hauser,
OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-34, August 12)


Join me for the "SOUTH PACIFIC DX REPORT" on Radio New Zealand
International, HCJB, AWR, and NZ's Radio Reading  Service - ZLXA. Full
details available from the South Pacific DX Resource web-site:
<http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Galaxy/3216 > Or you can listen
to RNZI's "Mailbox" here: < http://www.audionet.co.nz/ranz.html >
(Ormandy, New Zealand)

Hi, everyone! RE: DXING WITH CUMBRE, we have two new transmissions via
WHRA. Frequencies are in kHz; times are UTC. Programs are approximately
30 minutes long. WHRI ANGEL I (Americas/Caribbean) Sat 0500 7315 --- Sat
0730 7315 --- Sat 2230 9495  --- Sun 1400 15105.  WHRI ANGEL II
(Eur/Mideast/Afr/Rus/N Am) Sat 0500 5745 --- Sat 0730 5745 --- Sat 1430
6040 --- Sat 1800 13760 --- Sun 0300 5745 --- Sun 0430 5745.   KWHR
ANGEL III (Asia) Sat 0300 17510 --- Sat 0600 17780 --- Sun 0000
17510 --- Sun 0600 17780 --- Sun 1830 17510. KWHR ANGEL IV (South
Pacific) Sun 1000 11565 --- Sun 1300  WHRA ANGEL V (Africa/Mideast) (may
also be audible for many WHRI  listeners)   Fri 2200 17650 --- Sat 0130
7580 --- Sat 0830 11565 (new) --- Sat 1600 17650 (1603 start time
according to WHR web site) --- Sat 2130 17650 --- Sun 0830 11565
(new) --- Sun 2230 17650 The program may be heard on Real Audio whenever
it is on shortwave at the World Harvest website <http://www.whr.org>.
Also, it is  audible on demand at the Cumbre DX website; the URL for it
is <http://www.cumbredx.org>.  The postal address for shortwave
reception reports: World Harvest Radio P.O. Box 12 South Bend IN 46624
U.S.A. Thanks for listening and contributing, as always!  73--
Marie Lamb, DXing with Cumbre

WORLD OF RADIO shortwave-only schedule as of August 27:  Wed 2100 WBCQ
7415 --- Thu 2030 WWCR 15685 --- Fri 1930 RFPI  21460-USB 15049 --- Sat
0330 RFPI 15049 6975 --- Sat 1130 RFPI 15049 6975 --- Sat 1130 WWCR
12160 --- Sat 1800 RFPI 21460- USB 15049 --- Sun 0200 RFPI 21460-USB
15049 6975 --- Sun 0230 WWCR 5070 --- Sun 0630 WWCR 5070 --- Sun 1000
RFPI 15049  6975 --- Sun 2300 RFPI 21460-USB 15049 6975 --- Mon 0500
WWCR 3210 --- Mon 0700 RFPI 15049 6975 --- Tue 1230 WWCR 15685 --- Tue
1900 RFPI 21460-USB 15049 --- Wed 0300 RFPI 15049 6975 --- Wed 1100 RFPI
15049.   For full schedules of WOR on all stations, and of all our other
broadcasts, Continent of Media, and Mundo Radial, see <
http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio > --- WORLD OF RADIO 1000. This
commemorative edition includes  greetings, some taped, from listeners
and colleagues, fun and serious See <
http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/Wor1000.html   >for summary;
Audio stored at < http://www.wrn.org/ondemand/ > (Glenn Hauser)

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