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[HCDX]: tfw 94 3/4

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright   Part 3
Year   4  Number 94  - Rome, 1 September 1999

2109- 3910- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Korak Int.- August 21, Mx rock-folk,ID in E
33333 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

2113- 6220- PIRATE EUROPE-  Laser Hot Hits- August 21, Pop
mx(Supertramp),ID in E 23332 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

2117- 7465 PIRATE EUROPE- SWRS Radio- August 21, Mx(Duran Duran),ID in E
33333 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

2126- 3930- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits- August 28,  Mx pop,ID in E(//
6220) 23332 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

2126- 6220- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits- August 28, Mx pop,ID in E(//
3930) 23332 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

2128- 3910- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Korak Int. August 7, Dutch songs,ID in
Dutch,E 33333 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

2129- 3941- PIRATE EUROPE- Star Club R.- August 28,  Mx (Beatles),ID in
G(tent.) 22332 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

2136- 6261- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Joystick- August 28, Mx pop,ID in G,E 33333
(Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

2141- 3910- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Korak Int.- August 28,  Mx(Mambo),ID in
Dutch 33333 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

2207- 3910- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Korak Int, August 14th, Mx,ID in E 33333
(Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

2240- 5035- CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC- R. Centrafrique, 2240-2300*,
Discussion by man and woman sounding like they  were about 30 feet away
from the mic!! Man in FR at 2253, pause, then man with what sounded like
a brief schedule at 2255. Religious hymn-like music with voice-over by
woman and man, deadair at 2259, and off at 2300. Annoying transmitter
hum. (Valko, USA,  20 August)

2240- 6085- BOLIVIA- Radio San Gabriel. 2240 - 2310 Aug. 14, Music and
comments in Aymara. At the 2300 this   announcements in SS "
Convocatoria...(music)... Radio San Gabriel a traves del programa La Voz
de las Escuelas con el objetivo de incetivar la creatividad de la ninez
estudiosa del area provincial del Dpto de la Paz, convoca al concurso de
poesia estudiantil Aymara 1999..." they gave the bases and requirements
cuople the competitions, then "..La carretera a santa barbara debe ser
una realidad, el  trabajo iniciado debe ser concluido para la
integracion de nuestro pueblos, pedimos a nuestras autoridades que el
trabajo no sea  abondonado, los pacenos necesitamos el desarrollo
departamental..." after continue pgrm in Aymara. (Rodriguez, Colombia)

2256- 6898- ISRAEL- Galei Zahal, ( U+C) 2256-2304, Pop / Rock music
program with live man DJ. Fanfare with time ticks at top of the  hour,
into pres. news in Hebrew with mention of Israeli and Tel Aviv. End of 2
minute news with clear ID, jingle, and back to music.  Very strong like
in the Spring. (Valko, USA 22 August)

2257- 5020.61- NIGER- La Voix du Sahel, 2257-2301*, Koran sign-off
prayer 2257, usual flute IS at 2259 recheck, into choral NA to  2301*,
about 30 seconds of open carrier, and gone. (Valko, USA, 20 August)

2308:50- 9563.22- CLANDESTINE-V.O. the Iraqi People (tent.), 2308:50*,
Talk by man in mid-eastern language at tune-in, abruptly off. Fairly
strong signal but weak audio. (Valko, USA,  20 August)


BRAZIL- Today I received a QSL letter from Radio Marumby-Florianoplis
9665 Khz,my report was of 16/7/1998. The letter was in  excelent english
by v/s Robertson A.Cardoso, Manager. (Vos, The Netherlands)

IRAN - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Woofferton; Farsi Service; 11785
kHz; April 1, 1999; 16.21-16.38 UT; verification letter v/s David
Walcutt, Broadcast Operations Liaison; 62 days; leaflet included
received from 1201 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC  20036, USA;
English report in postcard sent to Vinohradska 1, 11000 Prague 1, Czech.
(SAS via Laporan-DX (Indonesia) 07/08-99 - July 1999 / CRW 32)

PIRATE EUROPE- SWRS on 11470, Full data green QSL card and technical
info sheet in about 6 months. Says has 4 different  transmitter QTHs and
powers ranging from 250 to 1200 watts. Apparently 11470U is the best
freq in the 7 meterbands that they operate  as they state "Better world
coverage on 11470 khz USB". Quite good when heard there last Christmas
day. (Valko, USA)

YUGOSLAVIA- I received a no-data letter for a report to Allied Forces
Operations on 1270 kHz. They confirm reception of their station  over
the Balkan area, but cannot supply further details on equipment etc.
Also included a patch and info material on the division. Address:
Pennsylvania Air National Guard Headquarters 193rd Special Operations
Wing (ANG) 81 Constellation Court Middletown PA  17057-5086, USA v/s
Robert A. McMaster, Major (Hans-Dieter Buschau-GER July 10 in HCDX / CRW


ALBANIA-  R. Tirana, English to NAm 0145-0200 and 0230-0300, switches to
and fro between 6115 and 6120. Parallel 7160, which spars with 7155.
6115 spars with 6110 BBC Spanish to SAm (Bob Thomas, CT, Aug 12, WORLD
OF RADIO Extra 31 / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-35, August 19)

ANTARCTICA - [and non]. Listening to WOR last night on WWCR and noted
the Antarctic flight frequencies given. [actually  Malvinas] The
1999-2000 season for Operation Deepfreeze for the US/NZ teams on the Ice
has just commenced, with the first re-supply  fight on 20 August.  This
season, and after many years the Air Ground en route frequencies have
changed.  Auckland as Control station  for the South Pacific air ground
MWARA  area also used their standard channels of 3467, 5643, 8867,
13261, 17904. The Antarctic data is 9032 replaces 8998 kHz 11256 remains
in use 5727.5 replaces 5726 (use of a .5 seems odd on this day and age,
but it is as announced on air)  On the net - which is only operational
when flights are about to go, or when ground parties being contacted -
the main thrust is  late October until February when McMurdo (call MAC
centre), South Pole Station and numerous aircraft and ground parties are
on.  [illegible line on fax] Currently the flights are by solitary
C-141B aircraft on re-supply using call signs beginning "ICE", first
flight 01,  and so on. The normal departure time from Christchurch is
around 1700 UT, and HF contact being made soon after. When the season
opens properly C5, C-141 and LC-130 of the US, C-130's of NZ will
operate, and just maybe a C-17 for trial. Congrats on WOR No. 1000!
Trust of use. Regards, (Ron F. Killick, Christchurch, New Zealand, Aug
23, on NZ DX Radio Association letterhead via REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL

ANTIGUA- [?]. Regarding my previous report of Portuguese mixing with
English Sunday August 8 at 1510 on 17840, Wolfgang Bueschel says DW does
not have any Portuguese scheduled at this hour either [not even to
Africa, as I assumed? -gh] and this was Seemingly a mixture product
originating from ATG: 17680 1500-1550 zones 13 ATG 250 160 DW --- 17730
1400-1700 1-4,6-10 ATG 250 300 DW --- 17765 1400-1700 12-16 ATG 250 160
DW --- 17840 1400-1700 11SW,12 ATG 125 205 BBC --- 17840 1400-1700
6-8,10,11 ATG 125 300 BBC (Bueschel, BC-DX) --- Well, these frequencies
would not make a 2A - B mixing product on 17840, but it could after all
have been an audio feed mix going into the transmitter... (Hauser / GH
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-35, August 19)

BELGIUM -[non]. RVI's feeder apparently fixed! Normal transmissions
Sunday Aug 15 2230 on 15565 via Bonaire (Bob Thomas, CT, RIB / GH

BELGIUM- [non]. RVI English to NAm 2230 on 15565 via relay has had some
problems with the link. Sunday Aug 8, severe audio breakups. Ditto Mon
and Tue. Minor breakups Wed Aug 11, my local days. No such problems at
0400 on 15565 (Bob Thomas, CT, Aug 12, WORLD OF RADIO Extra 31/ GH
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-35, August 19)

BELGIUM -[non]. Feeder woes continue - NAm service of RVI, breakups,
open carrier, then music filler with joined-in-progress close or just OC
until near hourtop. THis is 2230 English on 15565 out of Bonaire. Today
had OC during the slot. OK at 0400. Usual features;  slight 15560
splatter (Bob Thomas, CT, Aug 14, WORLD OF RADIO Extra 31)

BRAZIL- Station on 9565 & 6060 now identifies as "Radio Tupi", not R.
Universo; hrd Aug 11 at 0628 w/new ID, long PT newscast,  0655 music;
next day from 0100 w/new ID & relig sermon; still anncg old callsigns
ZYE727 & 726, but new ID is "Radio Tupi de ...",  followed by a long
name which was unreadable. (Ernie Behr, Ont., Canada via Hauser / GH

BRAZIL- Station on 6175 is R. Nacional da Amazonia, *not* Rio as
mentioned on WOR recently; hrd Aug 19 from 2300 w/PT news &  ID, when
BBC was off for about 7 minutes; later mixed w/BBC until Amazonia s/off
at 2400*; //11780 much stronger. (Ernie Behr, Ont., Canada via Hauser /

BRAZIL- R. Nova Visao, 11705, from 2330 PT relig pgm from R.
Transmundial until 2400 R. Japan s/on; also hrd w/very weak sig on  //
9529.9, Aug 16. (Ernie Behr, Ont., Canada via Hauser / SHORTWAVE DX
REPORT, August 23)

BRAZIL- Sistema LBV, Pto Alegre, on 11895.2, from 0100 PT relig pgm to
0400 RFE s/on; fair since Aug 10. (Ernie Behr, Ont.,  Canada via Hauser

CANADA- CHNX Halifax on 6130 USB, from 0630 w/pop music & ID; good,
clear sig Aug 12; I wonder if this is still 50 watts. (Ernie  Behr,
Ont., Canada via Hauser / SHORTWAVE DX REPORT, August 23)

CHINA PR- (relay over the French Guiana ) So it was, Chinese checked at
0341 UT August 9 on 9720; has adjacent from 9715, and hard to tell here
why they moved. However, at 0448 recheck found English back/still on
9730, but with a BIG problem: two audio feeds of the same program at
same level about 2 seconds apart! Unlistenable, at least in speech;
furthermore, RCI relay on 9560 had exactly the same problem so it was
somewhere between China and the western hemisphere. Isn't it about time
this old SW medium got its act together? At the very least, wasn't
anyone monitoring at either site? Of course not. If nothing else, they
should have dumped feed and run fill music/apologies (Glenn Hauser, OK,
August 9)

COSTA RICA- Tho never mentioned in promotion, RPFI's Progressive News
originally airing live at 2200-2230 Mon-Fri, and repeated  at 0130 and
0600, also gets a default repeat at approximately 1400, as noted here
Aug 20 and 21 on 15049 and 21460-USB. At least on  weekdays, this is
subject to pre-emption by Spanish programming, which hasn't occurred

COSTA RICA- For those who may be wondering, as I have been, what the
current antenna azimuths of RFPI frequencies are, James  Latham told me
Aug 26:  6975: 330 degrees --- 15049: 340 degrees, broad beam covering
most of Nam 21460-USB: toward North  Africa/Mediterranean, so OK is now
off to the side (yes, it has been quite poor here, lately) (Glenn
99-36, Aug 26)

FINLAND - [non]. Low-key American-accented world news in English at 1035
Aug 19 on 6160 soon went into news of Finland; good with some
side-splash from VOA 6165. Does YLE Radio Finland know or care that they
have SW relays in Canada? They, and other  CBC overnight clients might
as well list CKZU Vancouver, which this was, and CKZN Newfoundland
timings and frequencies amongst their transmissions, but as far as I
know not a single one of them does (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX
REPORT 99-35, August 19)

GERMANY- Subject: more on DW pending cuts According to the Polish
Section of Deutsche Welle (22nd of August 1999), the landslide  cuts in
DW radio services will touch the Polish service in the way of axing one
of three daily programmes i.e. the one broadcast at 12.00 UTC on 7170
kHz and 9735 kHz. Kind regards (Kris Rybus, Warsaw, Poland, Aug 22 via
Hauser / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-36, Aug 26)

GERMANY- DW has made some changes in the 45-minute English Nam service:
0100, 6145 is inactive. They remain on 6040, 9640, 11810, 13720. At
0300, 6145 inactive; 9535 shut out by 9540 REE, and co-channel 9535.
11810 spars with a CC Romania in Spanish (Bob Thomas, CT, postmarked 12
Aug, WORLD OF RADIO Extra 31/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-35, August 19)

GERMANY- Tuning in for a BBC WS Prom Concert, Bartok's Concerto for
Orchestra, Sun Aug 8 at 1510 on what would have been the best frequency
17840, found a heavy mix with something in Portuguese, almost as loud as
BBC, which had not been there two weeks before. Kept mentioning
"Alemanha", first in Luso, after 1531 in Brazilian accent, so pretty
sure it's Radio Deutsche Welle; also had its characteristic audio
processing sound. At first I thought BBC had its wires crossed, with two
feeds at once, since there was no discernable subaudible heterodyne --
meaning virtually zero-beat frequencies, but BBC has no Portuguese
scheduled at this hour, and the Port signal faded independently of BBC
audio. It was gone by 1600. What genius thought this frequency could be
shared by BBC and DW without harm? (Glenn Hauser, OK, REVIEW OF

GERMANY- Heard on Deutsche Welle's "Newslink" at 2125 UT August 16:
Catastrophic budget cuts, at an unprecedented level in public
broadcasting according to DW's Director General Dieter Weirich, will
force major reductions in DW's services if enacted in October.  Some
details:  1. Elimination of six foreign language services. 2. Reduced
broadcast time for up to ten other language services. 3.  Elimination of
DW's monthly international radio/TV program guide. 4. No participation
for DW in Hanover's Expo 2000, as had been planned. 5. Elimination of
DW's monitoring service. 6. Elimination of DW radio's English language
news department. (In future, news would be taken from DW tv.) 7.
Elimination of 160 full time jobs and 300 freelance journalists with 200
jobs coming open due to attrition not to be filled. (DW's currently
employs 1700.) These cuts will force greater reliance on the Internet
for services to developed countries. Efforts will still be made to
expand these services while preserving and focusing services on
shortwave for less developed areas not  accessible via Internet. Report
said that journalists union voiced shock at the size of the
cuts--especially inasmuch as they are being  proposed by a Social
Democrat government which made unemployment a major focus of the recent
German elections. Demonstrations are planned for next month in Berlin to
protest the cuts. Weirich is quoted as saying he has little hope that
the cuts can be avoided when they come up for approval by the government
in October. ( John Figliozzi, USA )

IRAN- VoIRI on 15165, from *2128 Arabic pgm to 0130*v; very strong since
Aug 1; is this a new AR svc? Farsi pgm at 2000 is now on  15084.9 after
many decades on 15084. (Ernie Behr, Ont., Canada via Hauser / SHORTWAVE
DX REPORT, August 23)

IRAQ- 7161 - Mother of Battles Radio. S/on at 16.00 with Arabic music,
followed immediately by Recital of Koran, then music; ID at 16.06 by
woman in Arabic as "Idha'at umm al-ma'arik, Idha atu kul al-arab", then
songs and talks mainly on Sadaam Hussein and  America. 18.50 Recital of
Koran followed by military music, probably NA; time pips, short
announcement and went off at 19.00. Poor and very noisy reception August
5 and 6 (Mahendra Vaghjee, Mauritius, WORLD OF RADIO 999/ GH
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-33, August 9)

ISRAEL- 6898 - Galei Zahal (Israel Defense Forces Radio) is back and on
this frequency. First heard around 0100 and IDed at 2300. Pop  music
programs as noted in the past. Very strong signal, but sounds like USB +
carrier (Dave Valko, PA, Aug 22, Cumbre DX) Usually comes and goes
quickly in a few days (gh / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-36, Aug 26)

ISRAEL - GALEI ZAHAL, Israel Defence Forces Radio, is widely reported at
least for the past five days, carrying their usual FM & MW  local progr
via SW tx, in usb mode, on 6898 at EUR&NE night, on 12197 at daytime.
Personally I assume that special SW outlet is aimed for the very
effective Israelian aid and medical forces group at the Istanbul Turkey
earthquake disaster zone. (Wolfgang W. Bueschel / British DX Club  via
Pijpers, The Netherlands )

ISRAEL- Israel changes to Winter time - Sep 2. Just a reminder, Israel
changes back to Standard/Winter time on Thursday, September  2nd.
Therefore, all broadcasts will be one hour earlier UTC. This means that
broadcasts will be one hour earlier local time, until 'we'  change the
clock to Standard time also. The current Kol Israel schedule is still
effective until October 30 1999. (Daniel Rosenzweigv)

ISRAEL- Contrary to Doni's latest report about frequencies in English at
1400, heard Aug 25 at 1425 on new 15650 // 17620 (Joe Hanlon, NJ)
Actually, 15650 was on the old schedule (gh / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-36, Aug 26)

ISRAEL- As of Aug 10 1999 the following three 1400 UTC frequencies will
be changing:  OLD NEW 17615 ->17620 ---  11605 ->15210 --- 9435 ->13750.
(Daniel Rosenzweig, August 2, WORLD OF RADIO 999/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-33, August 9)

ISRAEL- Reshet Bet is back on 6897 starting from 19/8 first tuned signal
is very good 44444 here station was available for 20-8 at least since
1630 but tuning was nearly very difucult as it sounded 'tubed'with
better results in MVT 7100 than HF 150 very loose listening As for
yesterday 20-8 1845 -1900 with international music ( also from MOskow
and Albania ) , 2040 with Hotel California in a LA version 2100 with
news heads for 3 minutes then music program Today 21-8 at 0457 still
available though QRMed by carrier from the turkish  station on 6900
(Liangas, Greece)

LATVIA- 5935 - Latvia Radio International. Two different full data cards
signed by Y. Cimcus, one with a portrait  of a religious man for my 18
April 99 report and another with black and red splash for 26 April 99
report with a note as follows: "Dear Listeners, Latvijas radio is
grateful for your listening to our programmes, at the same time
informing you that with a view to a more efficient use of our  financial
resources, its short-wave transmitter on 50.6 m, 5935 KHZ will be closed
as from 1st of August 1999. Henceforth  please listen to our programmes
at our Internet address: < http://www.radio.org.lv >" (Mahendra Vaghjee,
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-35, August 19)

LATVIA- I've just heard that Radio Latvia Int'l has made its last
shortwave transmission. This was announced during Saturday night's
transmission, 31st July, in English 1900-1930 on 5935 kHz. They said
that they would now only be on internet, but no details given as to
site. So we have lost another SW service this week, along with R. Bras
as you recently mentioned on World of Radio (Edwin Southwell, England,
3rd August, WORLD OF RADIO 999/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-33, August 9)

MADAGASCAR-  Hi Glenn, One news item which ties in with Alok Das Gupta's
observations in the latest BC-DX Radio Netherlands  web-site 20th August
says Tamil-Oli Radio, IBC Tamil and Voice of Democratic Burma now being
carried via the RN Madagascar relay.  Schedule is 1128-1228 17495
Tamil-Oli Radio --- 1429-1455 17550 Voice of Democratic Burma ---
1458-1525 17490 IBC Tamil.   All 50kw at 055 degrees. (Mike Barraclough,
REPORT 99-36, Aug 26)

MEXICO- [non]. Thanks to Joe Hanlon for tipping me that WRMI's Viva
Miami on 7465 UT Sun August 8 at 0400 was a special from the Orizaba DX
meeting. Turned out to be nearly an hour long, in English, interviewing
many of the participants, apparently a repeat of live broadcast the
previous Tuesday (?). When I checked 24 hours later, the frequency was
already off, UT Mon (Glenn Hauser,  REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL

PIRATE EUROPE- Today around 9.15 local time ( 7.15 utc ) Alfa lima
international was raided and cought by the dutch police and R.D.R  due
interference on the freg of the R.A.F ( royal air force ) England. They
did take away the Rohde & Schwarz. Anyone that can provide info about
this freg ( 15030/35/25khz ), and what is using freq in that aria can
send their info via the email    <   alinter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > for other
reactions you can also use our geust book on our web page.  ( do not
forget to submit your reaction there.  <
http://www.rendo.dekooi.nl/~alinter > (direct, Alfa lima international )

End of part 3
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