Re: [HCDX]: Is Senegal-765 still active ?
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Re: [HCDX]: Is Senegal-765 still active ?

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Subject: Re: [HCDX]: Is Senegal-765 still active ?

> On 08/28/99 00:47:09 you wrote:
> >
> >At 09.59 22.8.1999 -0500, you wrote:
> >>During recent DXpeditions to nearby coastal sites, I had no
> >>reception of Senegal-765 at 2300 UTC when Canary Islands
> >>stations (621, 837, 882, 1008) and W. Sahara (Morocco) - 711.04
> >>were strong.
> >>Is Dakar on 765 inactive or operating at much less power
> >>than usual ?
> >
> >Senegal is difficult to catch here in Europe because of interfering
> >stations, especially Switzerland's French network which is 24 hours with
> >600 kW. I think there is someone on the list from South Africa, maybe he
> >could check this out?
> >
> >73, Mauno

Down here in South Africa, I'm hearing Mozambique on 765 (I think it's E.P
do Nampula if I heard the ID correctly) Used to get Senegal on 765 but not
recently. Maybe they're still there but Moz blocks them out unfortunately.

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