Re: [HCDX]: Is Senegal-765 still active ?
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Re: [HCDX]: Is Senegal-765 still active ?

On 08/28/99 00:47:09 you wrote:
>At 09.59 22.8.1999 -0500, you wrote:
>>During recent DXpeditions to nearby coastal sites, I had no
>>reception of Senegal-765 at 2300 UTC when Canary Islands
>>stations (621, 837, 882, 1008) and W. Sahara (Morocco) - 711.04
>>were strong.
>>Is Dakar on 765 inactive or operating at much less power
>>than usual ?
>Senegal is difficult to catch here in Europe because of interfering
>stations, especially Switzerland's French network which is 24 hours with
>600 kW. I think there is someone on the list from South Africa, maybe he
>could check this out?
>73, Mauno

When I travelled in Ireland years ago, in the early evening and
again about dawn, Switzerland (to the east) could be nulled to
reveal Senegal (to the south).  The null towards Switzerland
also substantially reduced any Middle Eastern and Russian /
Ukrainian co-channel stations.

I'd suspect that DXers in western England (Cornwall) and on
the Iberian peninsula may have similar results ... if Senegal
is still active.

73 / good DX ... Mark 


Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA, USA
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