[HCDX]: (Fwd) Re: UNID on 27680
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[HCDX]: (Fwd) Re: UNID on 27680

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Subject:        	Re: [WUN] (Fwd) UNID on 27680

I remember reading in the paper some months ago that a clergyman had
been stopped from relaying his church services in the CB band. He said
that he was doing it for his parishioners who could not attend church.
The Radiocommunications Agency got him.


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>If anyone has any information on these "studio links or broadcast"
>please forward info to the hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx mail list.
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>>At 1100UTC on August 29 start of a Church Service with padre mentioning
>>"local radio". Signal good for a few minutes, then gone. No further details,
>>except for
>>voices: Scottish accent, I think.
>>73     Piet
>Hi Piet,
>here is what I sent to this mailist on March 10, 1999. Maybe it would help at
>least a bit.
>Hi all,
>at the annual meeting of members of the Czechoslovak DX Club (CSDXC) 
>Kosek from Jablonec told me about his catches in the CB band and asked 
>me to
>find out what could be their origin. He made the catches in December 8, 1998
>between 0930-1030 UTC:
>- 2 religious broadcasts in English, one of them was a live relay of a mass,
>another one was a "normal" religious broadcast from studio. Their frequencies
>were 26975 and 26985 kHz and at the same time they were repeated (!) on the
>following frequencies: 27225, 27245, 27265, 27295, 27335, 27405, 27885 and
>27905 kHz.
>At the same time he heard Kolya from Krasnoyarsk in the CB band, so the
>signals seemed to come from the east.
>Does anybody know more about these mysterious broadcasts?
>Thanks and GOOD DX,
>Karel Honzik, the Czech Republic,
>in the heart of Europe
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Best Regards,

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