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[HCDX]: Fwd: Shortwave History: GRAND OPENING

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From: Jerry Berg <jberg@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Shortwave History:  GRAND OPENING


     You are cordially invited to visit a new website devoted to the
history of shortwave broadcasting and shortwave listening.  It is called
"ontheshortwaves," and it can be found at <http://www.ontheshortwaves.com>
The site is a joint production of radio hobbyists Jerry Berg and John Herkimer.

     We hope the site will be a gathering place for people who are
interested in this subject.  The main focus is on shortwave broadcasting
and the listening hobby that has grown up around it.  However, since
shortwave listening grew out of medium wave listening, we will cover medium
wave too, as well as other aspects of early radio, when they help tell the
shortwave story.

     The site is divided into a number of parts.  One part contains
information about the book, "On the Short Waves, 1923-1945:  Broadcast
Listening in the Pioneer days of Radio," by Jerry Berg.  In addition to
descriptive information about the book and ordering details, you will find
reviews of the book that have appeared in various places.

     The site is also home to the Committee to Preserve Radio
Verifications.  Here you will find information about CPRV's operation;
copies of "The CPRV Page," which used to be published in various club
bulletins and which contains illustrations and descriptions of many QSLs;
and a gallery of other interesting CPRV QSLs.  We will be changing the
gallery from time to time.  Come take a look at some QSLs that you aren't
likely to see anywhere else.

     Other parts of the site include a section called "Articles, Research,
etc."  You will find several things of interest there right now.  We have
posted an excellent, well-illustrated article, "The Founding of the
International Short Wave Club in Klondyke, Ohio" by George Zeller; an Index
to the radio history material that has appeared in Popular Communications
magazine from 1990 through February 1999 (we hope eventually to expand this
index to the starting issues of PopComm); and "Short-Wave Radio Monitors
Let Families Know of Their Capture," an interesting article about POW
message monitoring during World War II.

     In "Book Reviews" you will find reviews of books and journal articles
about shortwave broadcasting history, plus links to reviews that are
located elsewhere on the web.

     In "Information for Collectors" we plan to post information that will
be helpful to collectors of shortwave memorabilia.  Right now this section
contains a valuable table of information about the early issues of the
World Radio Handbook, including photos of their covers.

     "On the Net" features links to shortwave history-related websites,
including brief descriptions of each site.  (The links are arranged
according to the chapter titles of "On the Short Waves . . .")

     Finally, there is a "Comments" section where we look forward to
posting comments received from visitors.

     We will be adding to the site on a regular basis and reorganizing it
as need dictates.  When you re-visit, click on "New Material" and you will
see a list of what has been added and when.

     We hope you like ontheshortwaves.  More importantly, we hope you will
contribute to it.  Please contact us and let us know what you think, and
what you can add to the telling of this great story.

     The URL again:  <http://www.ontheshortwaves.com>


     Jerry Berg - jberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
     John Herkimer - jherkimer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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