[HCDX]: summary of recent logs
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[HCDX]: summary of recent logs

Mark Connelly - WA1ION

Brief summary of logs from Robbins Road site in
Plymouth, MA (GC = 70.68 W / 41.98 N) on (UTC) 5-6 SEP
1999.  Receiver: Drake R8A.  Antenna system: phased
broadband loop / whip cardioid array.

Despite recent reports of solar flares and auroral
conditions, propagation was solid to Europe.  Latin
America and deep Africa were generally absent.

This report may be useful for comparison with
loggings made at the 1999 NRC Convention.  A
detailed listing will be issued in about two
weeks when logs from a later outing are added.

DX heard:

5 SEP, 2317-2359 UTC: Western Sahara-711.04,
Azores-836 (still 1 kHz low), Canaries-Spain-837,
Algeria-891, Spain-954, Portugal-963, Algeria-981,
Turkey-1017 good/dominant !, Spain-1044, Spain-1026,
Spain-1053, UK-1089, Egypt-864, Slovakia over
Spain-1098, Spain-1107, Croatia over Spain-1134,
Canaries-Spain-1179, Morocco-1053, AFN Germany-1107
(US talk under Spain), Spain-1116, Spain/Croatia-1125,
Spain-1197, Spain-1071

6 SEP, 0000-0115 UTC: Spain-1575, France-1206 HUGE!,
France-1242, Libya-1251, Spain-1296, Spain/unID-1305,
N. Ireland-1341, St. Pierre-1375.02, France-1404,
Spain-1413, Germany-1422, Kuwait-1548, Spain-1539,
Vatican-1530 loud, Ceuta-1583.6, Spain-1584,
Spain (Vitoria & SER)-1602, France-1557, Spain-1521,
Greece(t)-1512, UK-1458, Albania-1458, Spain-1359,
Spain/others-1287, Spain over UK-1215, Greece-1179
briefly blasting over Canaries !, UK-1053, Spain-
1017 (mix with German & Turk), Spain-999, UK-909,
Canaries slightly over UK-882, Spain-855, Spain-774,
Germany-756, Spain-738, Spain-693 over others (no
het so Azores presumed back on channel), Spain-684,
mess-666 with AA station in mix (Algeria ?),
Spain-657, Spain-648, Spain-639, Canaries-621,

As you can see from the above, conditions were
definitely NOT auroral.


Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA, USA
e-mail: WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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