Re: [HCDX]: Cabinda
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Re: [HCDX]: Cabinda

On 09/07/99 08:27:47 you wrote:
>Mauno et al,
>The reply I got on the Cabinda query is below:
>   The only listings I have from reliable sources, for Cabinda, are:
>1570 MW 10 Kw and 4970 SW.
>but I've never heard them.
>Roger Pitot
>Pretoria, South Africa

I'd think that if they were on 1570 with 10 kW, the
DXers on the several Newfoundland DXpeditions would
have logged them at or before local sunset, prior to
the fade-in's of the eastern Brazilians.

It has not been heard, though.

Can you supply a bandscan of what you can hear on medium
wave ?  For a (somewhat dated) version of a typical scan
from this end, see " ".



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